Does Rite Aid Fill Pet Prescriptions? (Full Guide)

Just like us, pets need prescriptions occasionally. Of course, there aren’t any pet prescription pharmacies popping up around the United States. So, where are you supposed to get your pet’s prescriptions filled?

You may be wondering if you can get them filled at the same places you get your medication, like Rite Aid. So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about getting your pet’s prescription filled at Rite Aid!

Does Rite Aid Fill Pet Prescriptions In 2024?

Rite Aid can fill pet prescriptions, as long as it’s a medication that is also used for humans. Surprisingly, a lot of medications cross over from humans to pets, so the likelihood of Rite Aid being able to fill your pet’s prescription is high in 2024. Of course, we always recommend calling and asking just in case.

For more information on how to fill your pet’s prescriptions at Rite Aid, keep reading for useful facts and tips!

Which Rite Aid Locations Fill Pet Prescriptions?

Generally, all Rite Aid locations will carry medications that are filled for humans.

If your pet needs medicatioin, then you should be able to get it filled at any of the Rite Aid locations.

However, Rite Aid stores do not carry pet-specific medication. In other words, if it’s not typically prescribed to humans, then the staff are not going to have it. 

With that said, many pet illnesses are treated by medications that are also prescribed to people. So, in these circumstances, Rite Aid should be able to fill the prescription, as long as it’s valid.

In some cases, Rite Aid can even transform these medications into a liquid form to make them easier to give to your pet.

Sometimes, flavorings like beef and chicken are also available for pets specifically.

Of course, if you’re unsure about a specific medication, you can always ask the pharmacy. Often, it’s best to call and ask before you send the prescription over.

How Do You Get Your Pet’s Prescription Filled at Rite Aid?

Getting your pet’s prescription filled at Rite Aid is exactly like getting your own medications filled.

All you need to do is provide your prescription to the pharmacy, and the staff will fill it just like they do human medications.

Usually, you do not need to inform them that it’s for a pet. Instead, they simply follow the orders on the prescription.

Sometimes, you can wait at the pharmacy for it to be filled. However, the waiting time can vary depending on the medication and the number of prescriptions in front of you.

With that said, they are typically always done within a day.

Should You Get Your Pet’s Prescriptions at Rite Aid?

Should You Get Your Pet’s Prescriptions at Rite Aid?

When possible, we do recommend getting your pet’s prescription at Rite Aid, or a similar pharmacy.

Usually, pharmacies are much cheaper than getting it directly from your vet.

Often, vets charge a large markup, because it takes them longer to prepare the medication, and they don’t purchase them in extreme bulk like pharmacies.

Therefore, it’s almost always cheaper to fill them at Rite Aid or a similar pharmacy.

With that said, the vet clinic is much more convenient, especially if your pet doesn’t need refills. Usually, you can get the medication before you leave the office.

However, if your pet needs refills, it’s often easier to do it at the Rite Aid pharmacy where you get your own medications.

Usually, vet offices just aren’t set up to quickly handle refills.

What Pet Prescriptions Does Rite Aid Have?

Rite Aid will not carry pet-specific prescriptions. However, it will carry medications that are also used for people. Surprisingly, there is a lot of crossover between human and pet medications.

For instance, your local pharmacy may carry some medications from these categories:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Antifungal
  • Behavior
  • Cardiac
  • Eye medications
  • Pain
  • Thyroid

However, there are some medications not in these categories that are often at Rite Aid as well, such as some insulins.

Note that you should call and ask if your local Rite Aid can fill your prescription before you leave the vet’s office in order to ensure your pet receives what it requires.

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Rite Aid carries all medications used by humans – many of which are also used for pets. For this reason, many pet prescriptions can be filled at Rite Aid, as long as the medication is also used for people. You can always call ahead and ask before you head over there with your prescription.

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