Does Rite Aid Price Match? (All You Need To Know)

Many companies today price match, which may help you save a little bit of money. Price matching can be extremely helpful if you’re looking to save a buck.

You may be wondering if Rite Aid provides price matching on its on-the-shelf products and prescription medications (which can get quite expensive). To find out, keep reading below!

Does Rite Aid Price Match In [currentyear]?

Rite Aid does not have a company-wide policy for price matching in [currentyear]. However, some individual stores may price match competitors in the local area. You’ll have to ask if your local store price matches other stores. Furthermore, most Rite Aid stores will not price match from the Rite Aid website.

Keep reading to find out how to potentially price match at Rite Aid with other pharmacies, Amazon, CVS and other stores!

Does Rite Aid Price Match Other Pharmacies?

Currently, Rite Aid doesn’t have an official price match policy. Therefore, it doesn’t have to price match anything according to store policy.

In other words, don’t be surprised that your local store refuses to give you a price match.

However, there are some circumstances of Rite Aid price matching despite having no policy to do so.

Therefore, you probably won’t miss out on much by asking – just don’t be surprised if you are turned down.

Items that you purchase directly off the shelves are far more likely to be price matched than drugs.

You may be able to get a few cents off your bag of chips, but you probably won’t get your prescription medication marked down.

This is because there is a lot that goes into your drug price, including your insurance. Therefore, different stores usually can’t match their prices on prescriptions.

Usually, the easiest way to get a price match accepted is to have the advertisement with you.

Physical, in-store prices are more likely to be matched rather than online prices.

Does Rite Aid Price Match Amazon?

According to company policy, Rite Aid doesn’t have to price match anywhere, including Amazon.

While some Rite Aids may match some local stores, Amazon is usually not included.

After all, it isn’t technically a local store, so many Rite Aids that would typically price match usually don’t cover Amazon.

However, it does vary from location to location, so the only way to find out if your local Rite Aid matches Amazon is to ask.

Does Rite Aid Price Match CVS Or Walgreens?

Occasionally, local Rite Aids will match CVS or Walgreens stores that are close by. However, this isn’t technically company policy, though some Rite Aids will do it anyway.

With that said, the chance of a Rite Aid price matching a local pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens is far more likely than the company matching Amazon.

Of course, the only way to know what stores will price match what is to call and ask.

Does Rite Aid Price Match Its Online Prices?

Does Rite Aid Price Match Its Online Prices?

Rite Aid will usually not match its online prices, as there are different factors that affect in-store and online pricing.

For instance, online orders need to be shipped, which you pay for separately.

In-store items have already been shipped, and this fact is typically included in the price.

Online, you can find a disclaimer that discusses these pricing differences.

Furthermore, different Rite Aids will not use other Rite Aid coupons or advertisements. Instead, you will need to use only items that pertain to that store.

For the most part, this is because every Rite Aid store is managed differently, so one store may have a sale that another one isn’t having.

Only coupons for a store’s local trade territory are applicable to that store.

Of course, all of this can get a bit confusing, so if you have a question about pricing, your best bet is to call your local store and ask.

Some managers may be more than willing to price match online prices, while others will not be.

Furthermore, you typically have nothing to lose when asking for a price match. The worst the manager can do is say no.

Does Rite Aid Match Coupons?

Currently, Rite Aid does not have a policy regarding price-matching coupons.

In other words, it doesn’t have the policy to price match, though the company doesn’t explicitly state that it will never price match, either.

For this reason, you may be able to get the manager to price match coupons from a competitor at one store, but not at a different store.

Your best bet is to ask that store’s particular policy, as it may differ.

Furthermore, you should also understand that Rite Aid doesn’t usually match coupons from other Rite Aid stores outside of its territory.

Different Rite Aid stores are managed independently, meaning that they can have different coupons at different times.

Be careful when getting Rite Aid coupons online, as some may not apply.

With that said, Rite Aid does accept many different kinds of coupons, including manufacturer coupons.

Therefore, if you find a coupon in a newspaper or magazine from the company that makes the product, Rite Aid will typically accept it.

Does Rite Aid Take GoodRx Coupons?

In most cases, GoodRx will have coupons that can be used at Rite Aid.

Of course, you will need to ensure that you grab the coupons meant for Rite Aid, as not all GoodRx coupons can work everywhere.

As you might expect, GoodRx is constantly adding new discounts, so be sure to check back often.

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On a whole, Rite Aid does not price match any other companies. Therefore, all the prices listed are what you will be paying.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all Rite Aid stores don’t price match. In some cases, a local Rite Aid store may price match certain competitors in the area.

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