Does Rite Aid Make Copies & Prints? (All You Need To Know)

Unless you own a scanner and printer yourself, making copies and prints is impossible. However, they are needed for a variety of situations.

Luckily, you can often get copies and prints from many major retailers, so you may wonder if Rite Aid offers this service. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does Rite Aid Make Copies & Prints In 2024?

Many Rite Aids have an in-house picture printing department in 2024. At these locations, you may be able to print and copy documents. However, the main purpose of these centers is to print pictures, so they aren’t as capable with documents as some other retailers, like Staples. Therefore, always call and ask before you go.

For more information about printing documents and pictures at Rite Aid, keep reading!

Does Rite Aid Print Documents?

Rite Aid allows you to both copy and print documents. Furthermore, you can also print digital documents from a variety of sources, including the cloud.

While you can print documents in-store, you can also print them online. However, those printed online will have to be shipped to you, so it takes them a bit to actually get to your house.

On the other hand, printing in a Rite Aid is much faster if your local Rite Aid has a photo center.

Does Rite Aid Have a Photo Printing Machine?

Some Rite Aids do have a photo-printing machine inside them, which you can use to print photos in-store.

However, much of the company’s printing business is moving online. Therefore, not all stores have a photo printing kiosk for you to use.

You can use many different devices to get your pictures into the kiosk. For instance, a flash drive, memory card, and CD all work.

The kiosk will not typically hook up to your phone and allow you to import photos that way.

At most kiosks, you can print standard prints, collages, and enlargements. However, there are also other items that you can order, though it will take you about a week to receive them.

You can have them delivered to your home instead of the Rite Aid store if you wish.

After you’ve selected what you want printed, you will need to choose the type of processing you want.

For some pictures, you can select immediate printing. You can also time-delay it by an hour or a day.

In some cases, this may be necessary if there are a lot of photos in front of yours being printed.

We recommend that you call and ask if your local store has a photo printing kiosk before you head there to print pictures.

How Long Does it Take to Develop Photos at Rite Aid?

How Long Does it Take to Develop Photos at Rite Aid?

If you have photos to print, you’ll be happy to know that Rite Aid does provide developing services. However, this service is not always instant.

Largely, it depends on what you order. If you select basic photos, you can often print them from a kiosk in-store. Therefore, it may only take a few minutes.

However, on the other hand, Rite Aid also provides plenty of other ways for you to print pictures. For instance, you can also choose photo books, and even items like bowls.

Therefore, the typical turnaround is about ten days for this item – much longer than the hour it is for regular pictures.

Luckily, you can use the Rite Aid website to determine where your photos are in the system, giving you a better idea of where your pictures are.

Can Rite Aid Print Pictures From My Phone?

If you use Rite Aid’s online portal, an associate can print pictures from your phone.

In fact, you can download the Rite Aid app and order your pictures that way, which makes the whole thing much easier.

In this way, you can easily select the pictures you need and order them. Plus, you may get special deals this way as well.

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While Rite Aid can print pictures of all sorts online and at many in-store locations, that doesn’t mean that it can print and copy documents. While some stores may be equipped for this, others are not.

Instead, it depends largely on what the store is equipped with and what you need, exactly. Before heading over to Rite Aid to get documents copied, we do recommend calling your local store to ensure that it performs this service.

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