Does Rite Aid Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (Yes, Here’s All You Need To Know)

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers, so Amazon gift cards are often a great gift option. However, it’s often harder to find these cards than you’d think.

Rite Aid is a pharmacy, first and foremost. However, the company also sells a variety of other items, including gift cards. To find out if this includes Amazon gift cards, keep reading!

Does Rite Aid Sell Amazon Gift Cards In 2024?

Rite Aid does sell Amazon gift cards at most locations in 2024. These gift cards come in the usual denominations of $15, $25, $50, and $100. Because these cards are preloaded, you cannot choose the exact amount that you want to put on them. While most Rite Aids do carry these cards, they can occasionally run out of stock.

If you want to learn more about where you can purchase Amazon gift cards, take a look at everything we discovered below!

Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards at Rite Aid?

Typically, you can find Amazon gift cards at most Rite Aids, as these cards are listed as something that the company typically sells.

However, different stores do have different stocks, and while stores usually don’t run out of a specific type of gift card, it is possible.

Therefore, if you need to purchase an Amazon gift card, we highly recommend that you call ahead to make sure that your local store actually has one.

Where Can You Purchase an Amazon Gift Card?

In addition to Rite Aid, there are several other places where you can also purchase an Amazon gift card.

For the most part, places that sell gift cards will often sell Amazon gift cards, since they are very popular.

For instance, you can find Amazon gift cards at department stores like Walmart and Target.

Usually, these department stores have many different gift cards, with Amazon gift cards included somewhere in the pile.

Many grocery stores also sell Amazon gift cards. For instance, Publix often carries them, though you will likely find them at other grocery stores as well.

Furthermore, it isn’t odd to find these cards at most pharmacies on top of Rite Aid. For example,  Walgreens usually sells Amazon gift cards.

However, before you rush off to one of these locations, it’s best to call ahead to ensure that the company actually sells these cards.

While most of these locations will, it isn’t odd for certain stores to run out of stock.

In What Denominations Can You Purchase Amazon Gift Cards from Rite Aid?

In What Denominations Can You Purchase Amazon Gift Cards from Rite Aid?

In most cases, Rite Aid sells Amazon gift cards in the usual denominations that they can be found in elsewhere.

Typically, this includes prepaid cards in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations.

You cannot choose the amount you want on your card, since all cards are preloaded with a specific amount of money. Therefore, you’ll need to choose one of these set amounts.

Furthermore, once the card is purchased, it follows all the policies that Amazon sets. Rite Aid does not deal with the card after it has been purchased.

Plus, you cannot return gift cards to Rite Aid after they’ve been purchased. Instead, you’ll need to speak to Amazon regarding any problems with your gift card.

In most cases, you cannot return a gift card for cash, except in areas where it’s legally required.

Does Rite Aid Sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

Currently, Rite Aid does not sell any Amazon gift cards online. In fact, the company doesn’t really sell any gift cards online.

If you navigate to gift cards on Rite Aid’s online store, it directs you to a third party website that allows you to purchase gift cards.

Therefore, Rite Aid doesn’t sell any gift cards online directly. Instead, all potential purchases are sent to a third party.

Overall, if you want an Amazon gift card from Rite Aid, you’ll have to purchase it in person.

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Rite Aid does sell Amazon gift cards at most locations in denominations of of $15, $25, $50, and $100. While most Rite Aid locations sell these cards, note that some stores may not have any in stock temporarily, but Amazon gift cards can be found at alternative locations such as Walgreens and Target.

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