Does Rite Aid Take WIC? (+ Other Common FAQs)

WIC is a vital food supplement program for low-income women, infants, and children. It provides basic substance for these at-risk groups that they may not be able to afford otherwise.

The use of your WIC vouchers can vary from area to area. To find out where Rite Aid accepts WIC as payment, take a look below!

Does Rite Aid Take WIC In [currentyear]?

In most cases, Rite Aid does accept WIC benefits in [currentyear]. However, not all Rite Aids accept WIC, as it largely depends on your specific location and the specific store. To be certain, customers can call their local Rite Aid store or ask when you receive your WIC benefits, as they are often aware of what local stores accept WIC.

For information on what you can purchase with WIC at Rite Aid, take a look at everything I discovered below!

How Can I Find Out if My Local Rite Aid Takes WIC?

Exactly which Rite Aid stores take WIC and which ones don’t vary from location to location.

Some Rite Aids may take WIC, while others will not at all. In many cases, it simply depends on the store.

With that said, most stores that do take WIC have a sign hanging by the entrance that specifies its acceptance of this payment form.

However, if you don’t see a sign, that doesn’t necessarily mean your local Rite Aid doesn’t take WIC.

Additionally, you can also check in the food aisles near the usual WIC-approved items, and check for a small “WIC” indicator on the tag.

Typically, stores that accept WIC have these indicators near the approved items.

The easiest way to determine which stores accept WIC is to simply ask. If possible, it’s recommended to call ahead of time to ensure that you don’t waste time.

Which Items at Rite Aid Can I Purchase with WIC?

Which Items at Rite Aid Can I Purchase with WIC?

In many cases, WIC is only designed to be used for a very specific number of items.

Usually, WIC allows those who earn little income to purchase healthy food items that they likely wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise, like milk.

Therefore, most food items provided by WIC are staples such as bread, milk, fruit, and eggs.

However, not everyone can purchase the same things. The main purpose of WIC is to provide for small children, including those that have yet to be born.

Therefore, it changes as the child ages.

Additionally, pregnant women are allowed to purchase things with WIC that are good for their baby’s development, such as fresh produce.

However, formula-fed babies are provided with formula, since they cannot eat solid food.

When the baby reaches six months of age, they are given vouchers for baby food in most cases.

What you can purchase a Rite Aid with WIC will be the same things that you can purchase elsewhere.

Currently, there are no specific items that you can purchase at Rite Aid that you can’t purchase elsewhere with WIC or vice versa.

How Do You Use WIC at Rite Aid?

You can use WIC at Rite Aid just like you can at any other store. The form that WIC comes in varies from location to location.

Some areas have electronic cards, which makes the process go pretty fast.

However, other places print out vouchers with specific items on them, and you must use the whole voucher at once.

Either way, you’ll use your WIC at Rite Aid just like you would anywhere else. The process does not change just because you go to Rite Aid and not some other store.

Which Other Drug Stores Accept WIC?

There are several different drug stores that accept WIC. However, the exact stores that you can use your WIC vouchers at vary from state to state.

Since stores have to apply to each state to be a WIC provider, it’s up to each state on what franchises are allowed to serve their population.

In other words, there is no federal mandating, so it can vary a lot from location to location.

Still, there are some usual suspects you can take a look at to spend your WIC vouchers.

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Save a Lot
  • Giant Eagle

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While WIC is a vital program for many lower-income families, it’s also a bit complicated to use. Usually, stores have to meet a variety of requirements before the state allows them to serve WIC beneficiaries.

Luckily, Rite Aid typically falls into this category. In many cases, this store also has hard-to-find specialty formula that is often needed by infants with sensitivities.

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