Does Safeway Do Cash Back? (Limits, Debit, Credit, Fees + More)

Now that most retail and grocery stores have implemented credit/ debit machines and digital payment methods, many businesses no longer give out refunds with cash and coins.

If you’re a Safeway customer and prefer receiving cash as your refund, perhaps you’re wondering if Safeway still allows cashback. If so, continue reading to see what I learned!

Does Safeway Do Cash Back?

Most Safeway stores offer cash back for purchases made on debit, credit, and Discover cards for up to $200 with no minimum purchase. However, Safeway cannot grant cash back for transactions made by personal check, and Safeway cannot give cash back with digital transactions at this time.

If you’d like to learn more about which payment methods allow cash back at Safeway, if cashback is free at Safeway, and more, continue reading through this article for more information.

How Do I Get Cash Back at Safeway?

In order to get cash back at Safeway, customers must use a debit/ credit card or a Discover card. Customers have to swipe/ insert their card when paying for items at checkout.

After typing in the PIN, customers can tap the cash back option on the debit machine, and the transaction will go through.

Customers should remember that while most Safeway locations can grant cash back for refunds, some stores do not offer this form of refund.

Customers are urged to phone their local Safeway and inquire about their policy.

Is the Safeway Fast Forward Program for Cash Back?

In addition to receiving cash back by paying with a debit/credit card, Safeway has a program that allows customers to receive additional cash back by using an alternative payment method.

Safeway’s Fast Forward program allows customers to link their Safeway Club/ Just For U card to their checking account, enabling them to use their rewards card like a debit card.

Customers who use Fast Forward can receive up to $100 in one transaction for cash back and up to $300 in a three-day period.

However, customers should remember that if they get cash back using this program, the amount they receive in cash will go toward their Purchase Amount Limit.

Does Safeway Charge for Cash Back?

Does Safeway Charge for Cash Back?

Safeway does not charge a fee for regular cash back or the Fast Forward program.

If customers require cash back, they only require the proper form of tender eligible for cash back.

Does Safeway Give Cash Back for Gift Cards and Check Purchases?

Safeway cannot grant refunds or cash back for purchases made with a gift card or a personal check.

They also cannot refund gift cards, including cash refunding.

Does Safeway Give Cash Back for Digital Transactions?

While many Safeway stores cannot give cash back for purchases made on a digital wallet, some store locations are set up to refund with cash.

Whether or not Safeway will give cash back for digital purchases largely depends on the discretion of their store manager and whether or not their debit machine accepts tap.

If customers are unsure whether or not your local Safeway grants cash back with Apple and Google Pay, they’re urged to call the customer service desk and ask for assistance.

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Most Safeway locations will give cash back to their customers as long as they use a debit/ credit or Discover card.

Safeway also offers cash back for customers who use their Fast Forward Program. Buyers can receive up to $300 in a 3 day period for cash back.

Some Safeway stores will allow their customers to get cash back from an Apple or Google Pay purchase. However, this largely depends on the discretion of the store manager and whether or not their store’s debit machines accept tap payment.

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