Does Sam’s Club Accept Checks? (All You Need To Know)

Sam’s Club hosts millions of members every year, and the warehouse retailer tries to cater to as many members as possible.  

Because Sam’s Club accepts payment methods like American Express and Visa, you may be wondering if they also accept checks. Well, look no further! Here is all you need to know about using checks at Sam’s Club! 

Does Sam’s Club Accept Checks?  

Every Sam’s Club location accepts personal checks as a valid form of payment. Additionally, Sam’s Club sells personalized checks from $10-$35, depending on the design and security protection. Checks from Sam’s Club are delivered in 5-12 business days.  

To find out how to order checks at Sam’s Club, keep on reading!  

Can You Order Checks At Sam’s Club?

Not only can you pay for products at Sam’s Club with checks, but you can also order checks for a low price.  

At Sam’s Club, you can choose from various fun designs and patterns for your checks, including designs from famous movie franchises like Star Wars.  

Depending on the design you choose for your checks, Sam’s Club charges between $10 and $35 per box.  

Single checks at Sam’s Club cost around $20 and include 240 checks per pack, while duplicate checks cost a few dollars more and include 165 checks per pack.  

Also, Sam’s Club offers its members a line of high-security checks to prevent check fraud. The high-security checks feature coverage by FraudArmour 

In addition to checks themselves, Sam’s Club also sells checkbook covers and address labels to match your checks.  

How Do You Order Checks From Sam’s Club?

How Do You Order Checks From Sam’s Club?

At Sam’s Club, they make ordering checks a breeze with their online store,, highlighting a wide array of check designs.  

To order checks at Sam’s Club, first, choose whether you will order personal or business checks. Then, the website prompts you to select a design and the number of checks you want.  

Next, proceed to the checkout to enter your shipping and billing information along with the information to be printed on your checks.  

It is crucial to keep in mind that the shipping and billing information must match for Sam’s Club to approve your check order.  

If any of the information you provided does not match your bank information, Sam’s Club will delay the processing time for your checks. So, make sure you double-check the information you type in! 

How Long Does It Take For Sam’s Club To Deliver Your Checks?

After you place an order for personalized checks through Sam’s Club, you may be wondering how long you can plan on waiting for your new checks to arrive.  

A standard bulk delivery will take between 10 and 12 business days to reach your door regarding personal checks. Secure and trackable checks take around eight business days to be delivered.  

For business checks, the standard delivery is the same as personal checks, which is 10-12 business days. However, business orders also have the option for second-day delivery.  

Second-day deliveries take around five business days to be delivered.  

What Other Payment Methods Does Sam’s Club Accept?

In addition to accepting personal checks, Sam’s Club also accepts the following payment methods in-store: 

  • Sam’s Club Credit  
  • Cash  
  • Walmart and Sam’s Club gift cards  
  • Debit card  
  • American Express  
  • MasterCard  
  • Visa  
  • Discover  
  • SNAP / EBT  
  • Prepaid Credit cards  
  • Walmart Credit

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Sam’s Club accepts checks to pay for items in-store at all locations. However, you cannot use checks to buy things from Sam’s Club online.  

Additionally, at Sam’s Club, you can conveniently order personalized checks online at a low price and with added security features if you choose.  

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