Does Sam’s Club Develop Film & Disposable Cameras? (Full Guide)

Even though smartphones can hold thousands of photos, printed photos from disposable cameras are still incredibly special and carry sentimental value.  

Sam’s Club offers several different services for its members. So, you may be wondering if Sam’s Club also develops film and disposable cameras. Here is all I’ve discovered about Sam’s Club’s Photo Center throughout my research!  

Does Sam’s Club Develop Film & Disposable Cameras?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not have photo services that develop film and disposable cameras. Instead, Sam’s Club’s Photo Center is entirely online and allows members to upload photos digitally and order basic and personalized photo prints like calendars, photo books, canvas prints, and much more.  

To learn how to upload your photos on Sam’s Club’s website and what stores develop film and disposable cameras, continue reading!  

Does Sam’s Club Have A Photo Center?

Sam’s Club’s Photo Center is an online service available for their members to order a wide array of custom photo gifts and prints.  

Although Sam’s Club does not offer disposable cameras and film development services anymore, there are plenty of other photo services available.  

For example, Sam’s Club provides a photo transfer service where you can save your film to a USB drive or a DVD.  

How Can You Upload Photos To Sam’s Club’s Photo Center?

Sam’s Club makes it incredibly easy to print off your favorite photos, and you can do it all online! First, you must sign in or create an account on Sam’s Club’s Photo Center website 

After you log in, click the ‘Upload’ button on the main menu to add your favorite photos to your account.  

Once your photos are uploaded, you can create a variety of prints, digital photo albums, and personalized gifts.  

How Much Do Photo Prints Cost At Sam’s Club?

How Much Do Photo Prints Cost At Sam’s Club? 

Getting quality prints of your digital photos does not cost a lot when using Sam’s Club’s Photo Center, with images starting at $0.09.  

Sam’s Club uses Fuji Crystal Archive Paper which costs $0.28 per photo if you are looking to get professional-quality prints.  

Additionally, the Sam’s Club Photo Center offers canvas-wrapped prints for their members at a reasonable price. Sam’s Club’s canvas prints are available in 14 different sizes.  

The most popular canvas size, the 5”x7” canvas print, from Sam’s Club costs $9.86.  

What Stores Develop Film & Disposable Cameras?

Even though Sam’s Club does not have a Photo Center that develops film and disposable cameras, there are a wide array of other retail stores that do!  

Some of the retail stores that offer film development and services for disposable cameras include: 

  • Walgreens  
  • Walmart  
  • CVS  

At these stores, photo prints range between $10 and $16, depending on the number, quality, and size of your prints.  

Are There Online Stores That Develop Film & Disposable Cameras?

Nowadays, there are services available, so you never have to leave your house to have your photos printed from a disposable camera.  

Some of the companies that allow you to mail in your disposable camera and get prints back via the mail include: 

  • The Dark Room  
  • Mpix  
  • Old School Photo Lab  
  • Process One  
  • York Photo  

The average price to have disposable camera photos printed is $4, and some companies even pay for the shipping fees for you!  

Additionally, some online stores process your film in 1 to 2 days, while other companies take around a week. 

If you are looking to learn more, you can see our related posts on whether or not Walmart, Target, and Walgreens develops film and disposable cameras.


Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not develop film and disposable cameras anymore. However, Sam’s Club members do have access to an extensive Photo Center online.  

The Photo Center allows members to upload photos digitally and print canvas-wrapped pictures and other personalized gifts like mousepads, mugs, and calendars.  

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