Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras? (Price, Wait Time, Film Types + More)

Disposable cameras can be quite handy if you want to snap photos on an adventurous trip but need to be developed afterward to obtain the pictures.

Since Walmart provides film processing services, you may be wondering: does Walmart develop disposable cameras? Here is what I’ve found through my research!

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Walmart does develop disposable cameras, which is done offsite by third-party providers. Customers will need to drop off their disposable camera at a dropbox at the Walmart Photo Center with an order form envelope to get their film developed. The pricing is $7.96 for 12 4×6″ exposures and can take up to 1 week to process.

To learn more about the cost of developing disposable cameras at Walmart, the waiting times, and much more, keep on reading!

How Can You Develop Disposable Cameras Through Walmart?

To get your disposable camera developed at Walmart, visit a nearby Walmart store that has a Photo Center and fill out the film processing order form.

This order form will require information such as the number and size of prints required and delivery options.

Since Walmart does not develop disposable camera films in-store, you will have to place the film from the disposable camera inside the provided envelope and place it inside the ‘film processing’ dropbox in the Photo Center.

Walmart will send this package to a third-party film-developing service that will process and develop your disposable camera, sending the images electronically back to Walmart.

Walmart will then print these images for you and also provide a CD containing all the images.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Disposable Camera At Walmart?

The cost of developing a disposable camera film varies depending on the number of exposures and the number of prints.

You can refer to the following table for the break-down of the cost:

  12 exposures 24 exposures 27 exposures 36 exposures
Single prints $7.96 $9.96 $10.96 $13.96
Double prints $9.96 $12.96 $14.96 $18.96

Note that these prices are for standard 4” x 6” prints. Walmart does not offer prints in any other sizes for developing disposable cameras.

The CD containing all the digital images is included in the prices given above.

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Disposable Camera At Walmart?

Walmart typically takes up to one week to get films from your disposable camera developed.

However, since this involves sending the film out to a third-party film processing company, the waiting time could be longer than one week in case of delays from either end.

What Print Size Does Walmart Offer For Developed Disposable Cameras?

What Print Size Does Walmart Offer For Developed Disposable Cameras?

Walmart offers prints of the developed images in the standard 4-inch by 6-inch size.

If you want to get prints of any other size, you will have to pay extra charges for the other size since these are not included in the original order.

How Can You Know If A Nearby Walmart Develops Disposable Cameras?

Most Walmart stores that have Photo Centers will accept disposable camera films for developing and processing.

However, it may be that your nearby Walmart store does not have a Photo Center.

Therefore, you should use the Walmart Store Finder to get the contact number and open hours of nearby Walmart stores and ask them about the availability of this service.

Does Walmart Return The Film After It Has Been Developed?

Walmart does not return the film negatives of the disposable camera after these have been developed.

This is because it sends the film out to a third-party company for processing and retrieves the images electronically, avoiding additional shipping charges.

The negatives are destroyed by the third-party company and so are not returned by Walmart.

However, note that Walmart provides a free CD containing all the images in your film in digital format.

If you are looking to get your film or disposable cameras developed elsewhere, you can also see our guides on Walgreens film development services, Costco film development service, and getting passport photos taken at Walmart.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Walmart does indeed develop films from disposable cameras at its in-store Photo Centers.

You will have to pay an amount between $7 and $14 for single 4” x 6” prints, depending on the number of exposures you have.

Since Walmart sends the films to a third-party company for processing, the waiting time is one week (and more in some cases).

Since it does not develop disposable camera films itself, Walmart does not return the negatives back.

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