Does Sam’s Club Drug Test? (Must Read…)

Sam’s Club is a desirable workplace because of the competitive pay, standard benefits, and the opportunity to be promoted from within regardless of education level.

But, before seeking out a job at Sam’s Club, you are probably wondering whether or not the warehouse retailer performs drug tests. Here is all the information I uncovered through my research!

Does Sam’s Club Drug Test?

Sam’s Club performs drug tests as a part of the hiring process for most of its potential employees. Additionally, Sam’s Club issues drug tests after a promotion, an accident, or if there is reasonable suspicion. For employees receiving a promotion, Sam’s Club may also test for alcohol.

For all the information pertaining to Sam’s Club’s hiring process, the types of tests they use, and when, continue reading!

When Does Sam’s Club Drug Test Employees?

Before you interview for a position at Sam’s Club, it is helpful to understand the circumstances that provoke a drug test.

There are four different reasons Sam’s Club performs drug tests on its employees, and they are listed below.

1. Pre-Employment Testing

In 2024, current and former Sam’s Club employees provided varying information regarding pre-employment drug testing.

Some employees stated that drug tests were done the same day as the interview, performing a urine test on-site.

However, other employees noted that they went to a local clinic at a scheduled time to complete the drug test.

Overall, most employees at Sam’s Club are required to take a drug test before being officially hired onto the team.

2. Promotion Testing

One factor that draws employees to Sam’s Club is the fact that the company promotes itself from within.

However, before officially rising in the ranks, employees must take another drug test to ensure they are clean.

This process is especially prevalent when an employee is promoted from an entry-level position to a management position.

3. Suspicion Testing

Sam’s Club seeks out a safe workplace environment for both its employees and customers.

Therefore, if you are suspected of using drugs or alcohol on the job, a supervisor has every right to administer a drug test.

4. Post-Accident Testing

The final circumstance that calls for a drug test is after the result of an accident. Unfortunately, like all workplaces, accidents at Sam’s Club are bound to happen.

After an accident occurs, Sam’s Club may be responsible for your medical bills. To avoid fault and pay for your medical bills, Sam’s Club administers a drug test to see if you are responsible for the accident.

Performing drug tests after an accident is a standard procedure for most companies.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Sam’s Club Use?

Sam’s Club uses a five-panel drug test for its employees. The five-panel drug test is a urine test and is common amongst large employers and government agencies because of its reliability and accuracy.

The test is performed privately in a bathroom. However, you cannot take anything else with you into the stall to prevent employees from tampering with the test.

If there are any indicators that an employee has tampered with the drug test, Sam’s Club considers it a positive test.

A five-panel drug test is quite accurate, so it is best to avoid trying to cheat the test in any way.

What Type Of Drugs Does Sam’s Club Screen For?

What Type Of Drugs Does Sam’s Club Screen For?

A five-panel drug test checks for traces of cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, and THC, which is the active agent found in marijuana.

Sam’s Club does not screen for alcohol unless certain circumstances call for it, such as a workplace accident or suspicion of alcohol intoxication on the job.

Therefore, before being hired, lower-level employees are not screened for alcohol.

Before an employee at Sam’s Club is offered a management position, the company will test them for alcohol. Sam’s Club does not require its managers to be sober all the time.

However, they want to ensure there is no chance of alcohol intoxication while they are on the job.

Do All Employees Take The Same Drug Test?

Entry-level positions at Sam’s Club like a stocker or a cashier do not usually demand an alcohol test unless there is suspicion that you are under the influence while working.

However, employees rising into management positions are randomly tested for alcohol to ensure they are not intoxicated while working.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test?

No matter the length of time you have been employed at Sam’s Club, a positive drug test leads to termination.

In addition, a positive test during the pre-employment screening prevents Sam’s Club from hiring you.

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Sam’s Club is a great place to work, and with the growing number of stores, there is likely a warehouse near you!

But, before you apply for work at Sam’s Club, it is important to understand that the company will issue a drug test before you are hired.

Also, current employees are subject to drug tests after accidents or suspicion that they are under the influence.

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