Sam’s Club Dress Code (All You Need To Know)

Sam’s Club employs thousands of people across their 600+ warehouses in the country. With the numerous stores, there is likely a Sam’s Club hiring near you!

But, before you apply to Sam’s Club, you may be wondering about the dress code regulations. Like any business, there are certain things you can and cannot wear while working.

To find out everything about the Sam’s Club dress code, keep on reading!

Sam’s Club Dress Code

Sam’s Club’s dress code allows their employees to wear khaki and denim pants or shorts, as long as the shorts reach a certain length. Additionally, employees can wear hoodies and any kind of shoes, but they must be close-toed. Employees are not permitted to have facial piercings or dye their hair bright colors.

If you want to learn about the specifics regarding Sam’s Club’s employee dress code, find out everything I have uncovered through my research!

Does Sam’s Club Give You A Uniform?

As a Sam’s Club employee, you receive a name tag and a vest as part of a uniform. The Sam’s Club vests are designed to help employees stand out to the customers.

Besides the assigned name tag and vest, you can wear whatever other clothes you want, as long as they comply with the company’s dress code (see more below!).

Compared to Sam’s Club’s competitors, the dress code is very relaxed, allowing employees to wear whatever clothes make them comfortable.

Can You Wear Shorts While Working At Sam’s Club?

Jean and khaki shorts are allowed for Sam’s Club employees, although they must be of a certain length. Shorts must be longer than your fingertips when your arms are rested at your side.

Sam’s Club recommends cart runners wear shorts, especially in the summer, to keep them cool while working outside.

The only employees that are not allowed to wear shorts include management associates and employees working with food.

Does Sam’s Club Allow Colored Hair?

Even though Sam’s Club gives their employees a lot of freedom regarding what they can wear to work, they still want their employees to appear professional.

With that being said, you cannot dye your hair any extreme colors. Examples of inappropriate hair colors include pink, green, red, blue, etc.

Can You Wear Hoodies While Working At Sam’s Club?

The Sam’s Club dress code does allow their employees to wear hoodies while working. Permission to wear hoodies at work is especially desirable if you work outdoors or in the freezer section.

Hoodies with offensive or inappropriate images or words are not permitted in order to maintain a harassment-free work environment.

Can You Have Facial Piercings While Working At Sam’s Club?

Can You Have Facial Piercings While Working At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club restricts most types of facial piercings worn by employees. However, depending on your store’s manager, you may be permitted to wear some types of earrings.

However, other managers restrict wearing earrings while on the clock. Check with your manager to see if they allow earrings.

Other facial piercings, like nose, eyebrows, and lip piercings, are not allowed at Sam’s Club.

What Kind Of Shoes Can You Wear At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club’s dress code allows any type of closed-toe sneaker to be worn by employees. However, sandals, heels, or flats are unsafe for employees, so Sam’s Club does not permit them.

If you work in the Sam’s Club Cafe, you must wear closed-toe, non-slip sneakers, as the floor in the kitchen is more slippery than the sales floor.

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans Working At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club does permit their employees to wear jeans. However, there are some restrictions on what kind of jeans employees can wear to work.

Sam’s Club employees are not permitted to wear jeans with any stains or discolorations, patches, or jewel and sequin detailing.

Additionally, ripped jeans are not permitted, nor are jeans with tears or any frayed edges.

Do Food Prep Associates Have A Special Dress Code At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club employees who work with food in the Cafe have a dress code that is slightly different from employees who work on the sales floor.

The reason Cafe employees have an alternate dress code is due to the proximity to food. Sam’s Club wants to keep its kitchens clean and free of germs.

Therefore, Cafe employees must wear their hair pulled back and in a hairnet, skid-proof shoes, gloves, and black jeans or slacks.

Do Sam’s Club And Walmart Employees Have The Same Dress Code?

Because Walmart is Sam’s Club’s parent company, you may be wondering if there are any differences between the two dress codes.

For the most part, Sam’s Club and Walmart follow the same laid-back dress code rules. However, there are a couple of minor differences.

For example, Walmart employees are permitted to have facial piercings and baseball caps with a Walmart logo. However, they cannot wear shorts while working.

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Compared to many other places of work, Sam’s Club has a relaxed dress code, giving their employees freedom when it comes to what they wear to work.

Some associates, like Cafe employees or management positions, have a slightly different dress code.

As a general dress code guideline, you should expect to wear jeans, an appropriate t-shirt or long sleeves, and closed-toe sneakers.

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