Does Sam’s Club Have WiFi? (All You Need To Know)

Internet connection is something that most people consider a necessity in today’s world, especially with the growth in smartphones and smart devices.  

Because a growing number of restaurants and retail stores provide free WiFi for their customers, you might be curious as to whether or not Sam’s Club also offers WiFi for its members.  

Here is all you need to know about Sam’s Club and its WiFi services for its members!  

Does Sam’s Club Have WiFi?

Over 500 Sam’s Club locations across the United States offer their members free WiFi provided by AT&T. At most of these locations, there is no password to access the WiFi connection. Sam’s Club offers free WiFi so their members can research products and test smart devices.  

To learn more about why Sam’s Club offers their members free WiFi and what kind of WiFi routers Sam’s Club sells, keep on reading!  

Is Sam’s Club’s WiFi Free?

Sam’s Club does not charge its members a fee to enjoy the WiFi in-store. Instead, each Sam’s Club location across the nation provides free WiFi for its members.  

Why Is Sam’s Club’s WiFi Free?

There are several reasons why Sam’s Club’s Chief Executive, Brian Cornell, decided most warehouses should offer free WiFi for their members. 

In a statement, Cornell said, “Our members are early adopters of technology and electronics, and we’re excited to deliver an improved experience in our clubs.”  

Additionally, free in-store WiFi allows members to use smartphones to compare prices, research products, and check out Sam’s Club’s website reviews.  

Essentially, Sam’s Club wants to ensure its members are 100% satisfied and knowledgeable about the product they are buying.  

Free WiFi also allows members to test out WiFi-enabled products like TVs to see how they can expect them to work after taking the item home.  

What Company Provides The Internet At Sam’s Club?

What Company Provides The Internet At Sam’s Club?

All Sam’s Club warehouses receive WiFi provided by AT&T and paid for by Sam’s Club.  

The WiFi speed is designed to be as fast as possible so that members can use the internet without fear of slow processing speeds.  

What Is The Password To Sam’s Club’s WiFi?

At a majority of the Sam’s Club locations that offer free WiFi, there is no password required to join the network.  

After going into your settings and selecting Sam’s Club WiFi, your smartphone or smart device should automatically connect to the network.  

If a password is required, it is your membership number. If you have any store-specific questions about the WiFi, do not hesitate to give your local Sam’s Club a call!  

What Sam’s Club Locations Have WiFi?

Of the nearly 600 Sam’s Club locations in the United States, about 500 of these stores offer free WiFi 

Does Sam Club Sell WiFi Routers?

In addition to providing free WiFi in-store, Sam’s Club also sells the necessary equipment to get fast, reliable internet at your house.  

For example, Sam’s Club sells WiFi routers from some of the industry’s leaders in home internet, including the brands: 

  • Netgear  
  • TP-Link  
  • Linksys  
  • Google WiFi  

Before purchasing a WiFi router, make sure you check with your provider to see if there are specific requirements to set up an internet connection.  

Additionally, Sam’s Club sells Google Home and Google Mini products, which work seamlessly with Google WiFi.

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Sam’s Club offers its members free WiFi in 500 stores across the country.  

Sam’s Club provides free internet so customers can comparison shop, read reviews online, research the product, and test out Internet-compatible items like TVs.  

Sam’s Club also sells a wide array of WiFi routers so that you can have the best internet at home.  

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