Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards? (Full Guide)

To shop at Sam’s Club and gain access to its incredibly low prices and other exclusive offers, you have to be a member of the Club.

But let’s say your membership card is misplaced or stolen. You may be wondering what steps to take to replace your card as quickly as possible. Here is everything you need to know about replacing a lost Sam’s Club membership card!

Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards?

Sam’s Club replaces stolen, lost, and damaged membership cards at no additional cost. To receive a replacement card, you must visit the Membership Desk at your local Sam’s Club and bring a driver’s license or U.S. passport. As soon as you report a lost membership card, your account will be void.

To find out more about how to replace a lost Sam’s Club card and what kind of membership plans are available at Sam’s Club, keep on reading!

How Do You Replace A Lost Sam’s Club Membership Card?

As soon as you realize your Sam’s Club membership card is lost, you may report the lost card by calling or visiting your local Sam’s Club.

To find the phone number of your Sam’s Club, visit the store’s website and find the store locator. Then, type in your zip code to locate your Club.

You can also report a lost membership card by contacting Member Care at (888) 746-7726. There is also a phone number printed on the back of your card if you need additional help.

It is important to report a lost Sam’s Club card immediately because Sam’s Club will issue you a new member number and void the previous one.

To receive your replacement membership card, visit your local Sam’s Club Membership Desk and bring a driver’s license or passport to prove your identity.

If you have a line of credit attached to your membership card, contact Credit Services to have the credit line transferred to your new membership number.

The phone number for consumer Credit Services is (800) 964-1917 or (866) 220-0254 for MasterCard cardholders.

Does Sam’s Club Replace Broken Or Damaged Membership Cards?

If you have been a Sam’s Club member for years, your membership card may get damaged or broken from everyday wear and tear.

Sam’s Club replaces damaged or broken membership cards at no additional cost to you. Simply visit the Membership Desk at any Sam’s Club location in the U.S.

To receive your replacement member card, make sure you bring your membership number along with a state-issued form of identification.

Once your new member account is verified, Sam’s Club will provide you with a new card at the Membership Desk in the store.

Visiting the Membership Desk is the only way to receive a new club card, as Sam’s Club does not send replacement cards through the mail.

What Do You Do If Your Sam’s Club Membership Card Is Stolen?

What Do You Do If Your Sam’s Club Membership Card Is Stolen?

On the rare chance your Sam’s Club card is stolen, it is important to immediately report the theft to your store.

As soon as the card is reported stolen, you cannot use it at any Sam’s Club location.

Additionally, you will receive an error message when logging into your Sam’s Club account online, and the email associated with the account must be re-registered.

To receive a new card, bring a valid I.D. form, like a driver’s license or passport, and visit your local Sam’s Club.

Also, if you happen to find someone else’s Membership card, turn it in to the Sam’s Club Membership Desk or Walmart’s Customer Service Desk.

Can You Get Extra Membership Cards At Sam’s Club?

When you become a Sam’s Club member, you receive two cards for your household. Additionally, Club membership allows you to include eight add-on cards at $40 a piece.

For Plus Sam’s Club memberships, you have the option for 16 add-on cards with the standard two complimentary cards for your household.

To receive additional membership cards, visit the Membership Desk at your local Sam’s Club.

What Kinds Of Memberships Does Sam’s Club Offer?

Sam’s Club offers potential members two options regarding their membership plan. Both membership plans give you access to exclusive prices and services from Sam’s Club.

The Club membership is $45 a year and includes eight potential add-ons for $40 a piece. On the other hand, the Plus membership is $100 per year and includes up to 16 add-ons.

The Plus member add-ons are the Club-level membership and cost $40 apiece.

Plus, members have access to more benefits than Club-level members, like pharmacy, optical, and auto services, exclusive deals, and more cashback with the Sam’s Club MasterCard.

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Sam’s Club understands that mistakes happen and will replace your lost membership card for free if you misplace or damage it.

Additionally, if your membership card is stolen, Sam’s Club will replace it. To receive a replacement card, visit the Membership Desk with a state-issued form of I.D.

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