Can You Get A Membership Refund At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club requires a membership fee to access their low prices on bulk portions of food and cleaning supplies and their endless other products and services.

But let’s say you do not feel like you’re getting the most out of your Sam’s Club membership. You are probably wondering if Sam’s Club provides refunds if you cancel your membership.

Here is everything I discovered about Sam’s Club and their membership refund throughout my research!

Can You Get A Membership Refund At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club offers membership refunds at any point in time and will refund the amount paid for the current year’s membership fee. Sam’s Club will credit the refund amount on a debit or credit card, eGift card, cash, or check, depending on your preference.

To learn how to refund your Sam’s Club membership and how to buy products from Sam’s Club without a membership, and more, continue reading!

How Do You Get A Membership Refund At Sam’s Club?

You can receive a refund for your Sam’s Club membership at any point in time, and Sam’s Club will provide a refund for the amount paid for your current year membership fee.

The one exception to this policy regards Plus membership plans, which you can only refund one time per member or business per year.

Sam’s Club offers two ways to cancel your membership and receive a refund. The first way to cancel your membership plan is in stores.

For an immediate cancellation and refund, visit the Membership Desk at any Sam’s Club location and make sure to bring your member ID card with you.

Your refund amount will be credited to a debit or credit card, so make sure you bring one along with you. Otherwise, your refund is issued in cash or check.

Another way to cancel your membership and receive a refund is to call the toll-free number (888) 746-7726.

Sam’s Club will refund you with an eGift card that you can use at Walmart,, and Sam’s Club.

When Does A Sam’s Club Membership Expire?

A Sam’s Club membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation.

To upgrade, create, or renew your membership plan at Sam’s Club, visit the Membership Desk at your local store or visit the store website.

How Much Does A Sam’s Club Membership Cost?

How Much Does A Sam’s Club Membership Cost?

At every Sam’s Club location, there are two options for membership plans. Each membership plan has a different yearly fee and member-only benefits.

Club Membership Plan

The Club membership at Sam’s Club costs $45 per year and is the most popular membership plan. The services Club members have access to include:

  • Instant Savings
  • Sam’s Club MasterCard
  • Sam’s Club gas stations
  • Tire and Battery center
  • Add-on membership cards
  • Complimentary membership card

Club members receive 1% cash back on store purchases with the Sam’s Club MasterCard. Additionally, Club members receive 5% cashback on fuel for the first year.

With a Club membership, add-on memberships are subject to a discount of $40 per year.

Plus Membership Plan

A Plus membership costs $100 a year and includes all the benefits available for Club members and additional perks.

The additional benefits Plus members can access include:

  • Cash rewards
  • Free shipping
  • Early shopping hours
  • Pharmacy access
  • Optical Center access

Plus, members with the Sam’s Club MasterCard will receive 3% cash back on purchases made at Sam’s Club.

To view the full extent of the difference between Club and Plus membership plans at Sam’s Club, view the store’s website.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Buy Products From Sam’s Club?

To purchase items in-store or on Sam’s Club’s website, you must be a member. However, there is a loophole of sorts to still buy products from Sam’s Club without a yearly membership.

Using the Instacart app, you can receive same-day delivery on groceries, cleaning products, and other household items from Sam’s Club.

Instacart provides access to Sam’s Club’s low prices on bulk-sized products to everyone for a small delivery fee.

Compared to Sam’s Club members, non-members will pay a little bit more per product and may not have access to the same number of products as members.

However, using Instacart at Sam’s Club is incredibly convenient if you want to buy products in bulk but do not want to pay for a yearly membership.

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If you are not satisfied with your membership at Sam’s Club, you can get a refund at any point, even if it is before the yearly renewal date.

Even if you are not a member at Sam’s Club, you can still buy products in bulk from the warehouse retailer through the Instacart app.

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