Does Sephora Recycle Makeup Containers? (All You Need to Know)

Sustainability is an important issue for most companies. Consequently, several makeup companies have devised makeup recycling mechanisms to contribute to environmental conservation.

That being said, if you have empty Sephora makeup containers, you might be wondering whether the beauty brand has a makeup recycling program. Stay on and get enlighted!

Does Sephora Recycle Makeup Containers in [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Sephora does not recycle makeup containers in [currentyear]. However, customers can use alternative means to dispose of their makeup containers appropriately, such as joining a makeup recycling program. Moreover, customers can also opt to clean and reuse the empty makeup container instead of recycling it.

If you want to find more information on whether Sephora has a makeup recycling program, how you can recycle the makeup container appropriately, and much more, keep reading!

Does Sephora Have a Makeup Recycling Program?

Currently, Sephora doesn’t have a makeup recycling program.

Generally, the beauty retailer doesn’t provide any information about recycling makeup containers on its official website.

Moreover, a Sephora associate responded to a conversation on the Sephora community page and confirmed that the beauty brand doesn’t have a makeup recycling program at the moment.

However, the associate promised to forward the request to the appropriate department to consider having one in the future.

How Can I Recycle Sephora Makeup Containers Appropriately?

Although Sephora doesn’t recycle makeup containers, you can still recycle the containers if you join a recycling program.

You can start by checking out if your local government recycling program takes makeup containers.

Although all local governments have a municipal recycling program, some of these are accompanied by rules.

These rules vary depending on the municipal government, and in some instances, the local government cannot recycle the makeup containers.

In this case, one can join an independent recycling program such as TerraCycle.

Ideally, TerraCycle works hand in hand with Garnier to offer free recycling services for all skincare brands and cosmetic and hair packaging.

Once you join TerraCycle, you will be allowed to download a free shipping label that you can often use to send in makeup containers.

After TerraCycle receives the containers, they will be melted down and shaped into stronger plastic items such as park benches and shipping pallets.

Nonetheless, some makeup containers might not be accepted by the local government program and TerraCycle. In such a case, you should purchase a TerraCycle zero waste box.

Some of these boxes are specifically designed for beauty products, and they will allow you to recycle any makeup waste.

Once TerraCycle collects these boxes, it will sort the makeup waste and process it into reusable raw materials.

Overall, this is a more environment-friendly option instead of incinerating the waste or sending it to a landfill.

How Can I Dispose of Unused Sephora Makeup?

How Can I Dispose of Unused Sephora Makeup?

Although Sephora doesn’t offer recycling programs for its makeup products, one can dispose of their unused makeup using the following means:

  • Donate the Unused Makeup

Here are various places you can donate gently used or unused Sephora makeup:

  1. Beauty Bus: an organization that provides support to terminally ill patients and caregivers by delivering beauty products. The organization accepts unused makeup products that are six months away from their expiration date.
  1. Give & Makeup: an organization developed to assist children and women who are victims of domestic violence. Typically, the organization accepts used makeup, although some products like lip glosses should be unused.
  2. Project Beauty Share: an organization that collects cosmetics and beauty products and distributes them to families and women overcoming domestic abuse through nonprofit organizations.
  3. Share Your Beauty: the organization accesses unopened or new and unexpired cosmetics and donates them to women and teens in crisis.
  4. Go Local: donate the makeup to girls’ or women’s shelters within your locality.
  • Trade It In

There are several platforms from which you can earn your money if you trade your unused Sephora makeup.

Depending on your preference, you can trade your makeup, either online or locally, among your friends and family members.

What Can I Do With Empty Sephora Bottles?

Since Sephora doesn’t recycle makeup containers, customers can also consider reusing the containers instead.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use the empty makeup containers as makeup organizers in the shelf or drawer. Also, you can use them to separate dirty and clean brushes
  • If you have a studio or a craft room, you can use empty makeup containers to organize your supplies. Usually, containers come in handy when storing beads, sequins, nails, or screws
  • If you don’t have a jewelry box, you can use an empty makeup container to store your delicate necklaces and earnings.

Which Makeup Brands Recycle Empty Containers?

There are various makeup brands with solid recycling programs. Some include the following:

  • Origins
  • MAC cosmetics
  • Lush
  • Bareminerals
  • Aveda
  • Zoya
  • Bliss

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Sephora doesn’t have a makeup recycling program. Therefore, customers who want to recycle empty makeup containers will have to use alternative means like joining a community recycling program.

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