Does Sephora Do Makeup for Free (On Birthday, Should You Tip, How It Works + More)

Whenever you visit a Sephora store, you will definitely be mesmerized by the millions of beauty products. Although Sephora’s shelves are brimming with various beauty products, most people have no idea how to use them.

In this case, one should consider requesting Sephora makeup services. But how much will you spend? Does Sephora do makeup for free or free makeovers? Read on and get enlighted!

Does Sephora Do Makeup for Free in 2024?

Regrettably, Sephora no longer offers free makeup in 2024. Nevertheless, Beauty Insiders members can use their gift cards and redeem points to get free makeup services at any Sephora beauty store. In this case, the Beauty Insider has to deposit $50 to receive Sephora’s gift card. Alternatively, spend a minimum of $50 for Sephora consultation and makeup services.

Keep reading to know more about Sephora’s free makeup on birthdays, how to use free birthday gifts to access free makeup services, and much more!

Does Sephora Do Makeup for Free On Birthdays?

Sephora beauty and cosmetic stores only offer free makeup on birthdays to Sephora beauty insiders having birthday gift cards.

A free birthday gift is given upon registering as a member of Sephora beauty insider.

To enjoy the benefits of a birthday gift, one needs to redeem the points earned and, at the same time, use the gift card to make a purchase of any product at Sephora chains.

Free birthday gift cards are available at Sephora beauty stores and Sephora counters inside JCPenney stores.

How Do You Use Your Free Birthday Gift to Get Free Makeup at Sephora?

To use your free birthday gift, you must present your Beauty Insider card, phone number, or address to the cashier when checking out.

Additionally, to access your free birthday gift card, you will need to visit the cashier who will provide you with one.

More importantly, Sephora’s free birthday gifts vary in the services offered annually. For example, for 2022, the options include the following:

  • Laura Mercier’s birthday gift set includes a translucent loose setting powder mini and eyeshadow stick in Strapless Mini.
  • Amika’s birthday gift set has a dry shampoo mini, soul food nourishing mask mini, and flash instant shine mask mini.
  • The Tatcha birthday gift set includes The Rice Water skin-softening cleanser mini, The Dewy Skin Cream mini, and The Liquid Silk Canvas sample.
  • Olaplex’s birthday gift set has a hair perfector mini and an intense moisture mask.

How Do You Become a Sephora Beauty Insider to Enjoy Free Makeup?

How Do You Become a Sephora Beauty Insider to Enjoy Free Makeup?

One can become a member of Sephora Beauty Insider by visiting the company’s official membership website and signing up.

Ideally, the Beauty Insider Program is a free reward program offered by Sephora USA, Inc. to all its devoted members across US and Canada.

Moreover, beauty Insider membership is limited to one account per person.

To be eligible for the Beauty Insider program, you must be 16 years or older and a legal US or Canada resident.

However, minors must obtain a parent or guardian’s permit before joining the program.

Once you become a Sephora Beauty Insider, it’s essential to note the two types of rewards, namely:

  • Standard Rewards– rewards valued at up to 749 Beauty Insider Points require a merchandise purchase if redeemed online.
  • Premium Rewards– rewards valued from 750 Beauty Insider Points and above. This category doesn’t require a merchandise purchase, even if redeemed online, and is provided with free standard shipping.

How Much Does a Makeover at Sephora Cost?

At Sephora, a makeover costs a minimum of $50, covering the consultation fees and makeup services. The minimum service fee comes in the form of a gift card.

Depending on the type of services you need on your makeup, the price might escalate from a minimum of $50 to higher rates, especially for long full-face makeovers.

During the prior consultation stage, services such as skin care routines and suitable makeup are recommended for that particular customer.

However, it’s recommended to make a prior appointment before visiting any Sephora location near you for any service.

This will help reserve a chance for your visit and avoid taking long hours while waiting to be attended to by the company specialists.

Does Sephora Offer Walk-In Makeup?

Sephora accepts walk-ins in select stores in accordance with the state and local ordinances.

However, the brand strongly encourages customers to make appointments at their desired time and day to enjoy prompt services.

Do You Have to Tip Sephora Makeup Artists for Free Makeup?

You’re not mandated to tip a Sephora artist to get a free makeup service at any of the company’s locations.

Precisely, the minimum $50 consultation fee charged while visiting Sephora for makeup services is the only legal service fee required by the company.

However, Sephora’s payment policy on makeup services is silent on the tipping of artists by customers at Sephora beauty and cosmetic stores.

Therefore, tipping is left to the discretion of the customer and the artist.

Alternatively, if you feel like commending a particular artist for their laudable work, you can also contact the Sephora customer feedback section and drop your comment.

What Are Free Makeup Services Offered at Sephora?

Sephora Free makeup offers to include the following:

  • Mini Facials
  • Flawless Foundation
  • Smoky Eye
  • Polished Brows
  • Everyday Eye
  • Essential Eyeliner
  • Treat & Conceal
  • Blush & Bronze Perfect Lips
  • False Lash Application

In addition, longer full-face makeovers are also available free for Rouge members.

Sephora also offers free beauty classes to Beauty Insiders, where you’re taught how to apply makeup and skincare routines, among others. Some of these free classes include:

  • Contouring & Highlighting
  • Color Eye Makeup
  • Day-to-Night Smoky Eye
  • Flawless Foundation
  • Skincare Basics
  • Party-Ready Smoky Eye
  • False Lashes
  • Teen Makeup
  • No-Makeup Makeup
  • Brow Shaping
  • Perfect Lips
  • Correct and Conceal
  • Age-Defying Skincare
  • Winged Eyeliner

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Sephora beauty and the cosmetic store don’t offer free makeup to all customers but exceptionally to Sephora Beauty Insider Program members only.

To qualify as a Beauty Insider, a minimum fee of $50 (come as a gift card) that serves as a consultation fee and covers the essential makeup services is deposited. A minimum Sephora makeup session costs $50.

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