Does Sephora Ship Internationally? (All You Need to Know)

Sephora has a broad reach of 1900 outlets in 29 countries, though not wide enough. Besides, Sephora products aren’t universally available in its stores.

Rather, sometimes the only way to get the product you want is to have it shipped to you. If you’re curious whether Sephora will ship internationally, stick around and find out!

Does Sephora Ship Internationally in [currentyear]?

Sephora only ships to Japan and Germany other than Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico in [currentyear]. It no longer ships to the UK because of data privacy laws. However, online purchases from the UK and Netherlands are redirected to Sephora in France. You can order from Sephora US through a freight forwarder, though Sephora disclaims all liability.

Stay on to learn more about whether Sephora ships internationally, how to get your favorite Sephora products abroad, plus much more!

Will Sephora Ship to an International Destination?

Except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, which are off the mainland US, Sephora only ships to Japan and Germany.

Until recently, Sephora shipped to Norway but has since removed that option.

Though they are considered domestic shipments, Sephora will ship non-restricted products to US military bases abroad via USPS Priority.

Because of the logistical challenges of delivering to a military base, the delivery may take up to three weeks.

Due to challenges of international shipping, including logistics and handling returns, and different legal regimes that exclude foreign businesses and fraud, Sephora has put limits on it

You can find out if Sephora will ship to your country by visiting the shipping information page on

Is Sephora Available Worldwide?

Unfortunately, Sephora isn’t available worldwide, since the beauty brand no longer ships internationally from the US site.

However, you can purchase Sephora products from the company’s international websites.

Does Sephora Ship to the UK?

It’s certain that Sephora no longer ships to the United Kingdom from the US because of the data privacy laws with which Sephora is yet to comply.

However, Sephora claims on its Twitter handle that its customers can get their beloved products from Sephora France and that orders on the US website redirect to there.

On the other hand, customers assert that several products are unavailable for shipping to the UK and that the option does not even come up.

Therefore, one can reasonably suppose there is no direct shipping option to the UK from the US or France.

How Can I Order Internationally On Sephora?

How Can I Order Internationally On Sephora?

All hope is not lost if Sephora doesn’t ship to your country. Other than doing your shopping physically in the US or through an accomplice, you can buy through a freight forwarder.

Freight forwarders are physical addresses in the US to which your shipment can be delivered before the freight forwarder ships it to you.

Always be careful to choose a forwarder you can trust in a US state with a favorable tax regime.

However, remember that this is a commercial service you pay for, and the convenience is not cheap.

Sephora doesn’t accept any liability arising from dealing with a freight forwarder.

Rather, Sephora considers the item as delivered to you as soon as the freight forwarder has accepted them, and for the company’s purposes, it is a domestic shipment.

Does Sephora France Ship to Ireland?

Sephora France will ship to Ireland. It takes five to seven days to get your shipment, which many think is reasonable.

However, the cost is rather steep, so you should try to make your shipments large enough to make the cost worth it.

A good idea is to find friends who will order with you if you can’t make it large enough on your own.

Keep in mind, though, that Sephora doesn’t make multiple shipments, so remember to make a single order. Otherwise, each order will be shipped and charged separately.

Since France and Ireland are both within the European Union, you shouldn’t expect to pay extra for tax.

Your shipment will arrive between five to seven days, which most people consider reasonable.

Can Sephora US Ship to Australia?

At this time, Sephora US does not ship to Australia.

Australia has a Sephora of its own, though the products stocked may differ from those stocked in the United States.

Therefore, the only way to get those products is to order through a freight forwarder, or petition your local Sephora outlet to stock it, which it’s likely to do if it makes economic sense.

Can I Have My Sephora Rewards Shipped to Me in Another Country?

Sephora is quite clear that rewards can only be redeemed in the country in which they were won.

Though this can happen in-store or online, you’re likely to lose them if you can’t take delivery, subject to Sephora’s shipment terms.

Therefore, it is advisable to redeem your gift while in the country in which you got it.

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Sephora offers products that sometimes cannot be had elsewhere. Unfortunately, customers have to go without them unless they live in one of the very few countries where Sephora will deliver.

Their other option is to order through a freight forwarder which is convenient but carries risks of its own.

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