Sephora Dress Code (Tattoos, Hair, Make-up + More)

Sephora, a French multinational makeup retailer, is an employer of more than 1600 workers. As a leading chain cosmetic and perfume chain store, the employees must be well-groomed to encourage bold beauty choices.

So, if you just got hired by Sephora or are planning on applying soon, here’s what you need to know about the store’s dress code!

What Is Sephora’s Employee Dress Code Policy?

Sephora’s dress code policy entails the company’s black and white uniform. Excessive facial piercings are not permitted, and tattoos must adhere to company policies. Furthermore, make-up is a must, and any hair or color style is accepted, provided it does not interfere with an employee’s work performance.

Keep reading to find out about what to wear at a Sephora interview, if you can have a uniform or colored hair at Sephora, and much more!

What Is Sephora’s Employee Dress Code?

Sephora employees are expected to dress in black and white uniforms. The dress code, however, may differ depending on one’s position within the company.

If you just began working at Sephora, you’ll be required to wear black business casual attire while waiting for your uniform to arrive.

Other employees have the luxury of wearing a uniform tunic, striped top, or button-up with a black or red dress.

Moreover, a screen print tee is only reserved for those special occasions.

It’s also worth noting that managers are required to wear black slacks and a black button-up shirt alongside black shoes.

Do Sephora Employees Wear Uniforms?

Sephora requires all employees, regardless of position, to wear a uniform.

The sole exemption is for new hires, who are allowed to wear all-black business casual attire while waiting for their uniforms.

What Do Sephora Cashiers Wear?

Typically, Sephora cashiers have an option to wear a black or red dress or black slacks accompanied by a black button-up.

How Should I Dress for a Sephora Interview?

While it’s not a hard and fast rule to dress in all black for an interview at Sephora, it is certainly encouraged in order to reflect your professionalism and eagerness to work with Sephora.

In general, for a junior position, dress casually, whereas for a more senior position, dress more formally. Overall, dress professionally and modestly; avoid anything too revealing or casual.

Should I Wear Makeup to My Sephora Interview?

Should I Wear Makeup to My Sephora Interview?

It’s a good idea to wear makeup when going for a Sephora interview because the interview is likely to focus on your face, for Sephora is a makeup store.

Consequently, wearing cool makeup might increase your hiring chances.

Does Sephora Allow Piercing?

Sephora doesn’t highlight expectations regarding piercings.

However, although there is no official policy regarding piercing, employees are expected to keep facial piercings to a minimum.

At times, such policies may vary depending on the store. Therefore, in this case, it is wise to consult the store management.

Can You Have Colored Hair While Working at Sephora?

Sephora doesn’t restrict employees’ hair color. Subsequently, you can go to work with pink, blue, purple, or green hair.

In fact, any hair color or style is acceptable as long as it doesn’t interfere with an employee’s ability to perform their job duties.

What Type of Shoes Do You Wear at Sephora?

It’s advisable to wear closed toes-shoes or closed-toed shoes when going to work at Sephora, irrespective of your position.

However, as you settle for the shoe option, get one that is safe, comfortable, and won’t negatively affect your work performance.

Do You Have to Wear Makeup to Work at Sephora?

Since Sephora is a make-up store, all its employees are expected to wear some make-up products while working.

Specifically, they must wear a complexion base (foundation), cheek color, lipstick or lip gloss, and three shades of eye shadow.

Does Sephora Allow Visible Tattoos?

Employees at Sephora are allowed to have visible tattoos if they don’t breach any company policies.

However, this excludes racists, sexist, offensive or violent images, and anything deemed inappropriate by management.

Furthermore, too much visible ink is frowned upon since it may distract customers or other staff members.

Can You Wear a Cardigan Over the Sephora Uniform?

Sephora allows employees to wear a cardigan as long as it is black in color.

What Can’t I Wear at Sephora?

Sephora has explicitly banned certain clothing for its employees to maintain a professional appearance and a welcoming environment for all its clients.

Here’s a list of what not to wear at Sephora:

  • Excessive facial piercings
  • Offensive, extreme, or sexists tattoos
  • Accessories that can jeopardize the safety of others (i.e., large earrings)
  • Overly revealing clothing (i.e., low-cut tops)
  • Peep-toe shoes

To avoid an altercation with management, dress per Sephora’s dress code.

If you do not comply, you may be asked to leave to change into more appropriate attire or you may face disciplinary action.

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Sephora’s dress code policy is pretty straightforward and accommodating, and was designed to ensure that employees and customers are comfortable in a professional environment.

As a matter of fact, it prohibits any clothing or accessories that may be offensive or distracting to others. Employees, regardless of position, must wear only black and white uniform shirts.

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