Does Shein Use USPS? (All You Need To Know)

Ordering from Shein makes a lot of sense: The clothes are reasonably well-made, on-trend, and affordable. The one downside is that many clothes start in China, so shipping can take longer.

But, usually, domestic transport moves pretty quickly. You might be wondering, then, does Shein use USPS to ship within the US? Is it the “last mile” shipper for this fast-fashion company? Keep reading below to find out!

Does Shein Use USPS In 2024?

The Chinese apparel company Shein uses USPS for its last-mile delivery within the US and items originating at one of its distribution centers in California or New Jersey, particularly for items purchased with standard shipping in 2024. Items may arrive via a variety of mail classes, including First-Class Package or even Priority Mail.

To learn more about who Shein uses for shipping (it’s not just USPS), how shipping for this company works, how long it can take, and much more, read on – I’ve got all you need to know!

Who Does Shein Use For Shipping?

The China-based fast-fashion company Shein uses several shippers to deliver goods to US customers, including:


The nation’s ubiquitous mail service, USPS, often handles “last-mile” delivery of Shein packages once the items reach American soil from overseas.

Also, USPS may pick up the items right away if they originated in one of the coastal distribution centers in Los Angeles, California, or Cranbury, New Jersey.

Moreover, customers have had parcels from Shein arrive via USPS First-Class Package (for items originating in New Jersey) and Priority Mail.

Additionally, orders that arrive via USPS have been purchased with Standard Shipping at check-out.


For items that have been purchased with Express shipping, Shein may employ FedEx.

Of course, this is not surprising, as FedEx operates one of the largest airplane fleets in the world, FedEx Express.

Also, FedEx Express happens to have a hub in the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangdong Province, China.

Coincidentally, that is where Shein is headquartered.


Lesser known than the above two shippers, DHL is now a German company specializing in international shipping.

With that, Shein may use DHL to ship some packages out of China before they get handed over to USPS or FedEx.

As you can see, Shein doesn’t work exclusively with one shipper or another; instead, it casts a wide net and partners with many different companies.

Moreover, that’s just in the US; in other countries around the world, you can bet Shein is partnered with other country-wide shippers.

How Does Shein Shipping Work?

How Does Shein Shipping Work?

Despite some orders traveling much further than other companies’ clothes, Shein’s shipping process is pretty straightforward.

At check-out, you choose which shipping option you want: Standard or Express.

That said, Standard shows a much longer window into the future, as much as two or three weeks.

While Standard normally costs $2.99, Shein more often than not runs specials and deals where you can get free Standard shipping, no minimum.

And if there’s no code, you can get free Standard shipping by ordering at least $50 worth of merchandise.

In comparison, Express is more likely to keep the delivery window down to one to two weeks, which costs $12.90 extra.

But, these delivery windows assume the items come from China. If they originate in the US at one of the warehouses, they can take mere days, Standard shipping or not.

Whether it originates in China or the US, a shipping label is created for the order, and you receive an email notification that your item “has been shipped.”

After that, you can follow along with tracking updates, which Shein always gives its customers, and watch as the order makes it through Chinese customs and onto a plane.

If shipped internationally, it will either get picked up by USPS (Standard shipping) or FedEx (Express).

Further, you can continue to track shipping through the Shein website, but it can fall behind what’s actually happening.

Therefore, do visit the external website of the shipping company for the most up-to-date tracking.

How Long Does Shein Take To Ship?

Shein tends to give longer shipping windows than it needs, but it’s better to do that and arrive early than the opposite.

Usually, orders arrive ahead of schedule, even with Standard shipping.

Also, Shein partners with the most efficient and accurate shipping services, so customers can count on their orders arriving when they expect them and it good condition.

How Much Is Shein Shipping?

Shein’s Standard shipping is $2.99, but as I mentioned above, the company is always running multiple coupon codes for discounts on merchandise and shipping.

If you happen to shop when there aren’t any coupon codes for free Standard shipping, no minimum, you can still buy the minimum amount needed.

Still, Express shipping through Shein is a bit more expensive, at $12.90.

Moreover, while the expected due dates are only about two days faster than Standard, in actual practice, the shipping is quite fast.

However, sometimes the order’s packing can add a few (frustrating) days.

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Shein uses the United States Postal Service for its last-mile delivery for shipments coming in from China or shipments originating from one of its US warehouses.

Also, orders may arrive by a variety of mail classes, including First-Class Package or Priority Mail, both of which are used for Standard shipping.

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