Shipping Clothes USPS (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

USPS is renowned for being one of the easiest and least expensive options for most shipping needs.

However, is USPS the best option for shipping clothing- what does it cost, and how do you do it? Here is what I discovered!

Shipping Clothes USPS

USPS is your best bet when shipping clothing. If you’re shipping clothes for less than a pound, the First-Class Package shipping option from USPS typically costs $5.50 or less and delivers in around three days. If you’re shipping clothing over 1 lb, USPS Priority Mail is the best option, and it typically runs $10 or less and delivers in two days.

There are a lot of different types of clothing you might be trying to ship, which means there’s a lot of information to explore, so keep reading to save yourself time and money!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Clothes With USPS?

The cost of shipping with USPS depends largely on the package’s weight and destination.

For example, if you’re trying to ship a package that’s less than a pound, you can use USPS’ First Class Mail service for less than $4 or USPS’ First Class Package service for around $6.

For any package over a pound, you’ll need to use USPS’ Priority Mail options, which include Priority Mail 2-Day and Priority Mail Express.

A couple of pairs of pants typically weigh around 4 lbs, so using this weight, we can calculate approximate prices for Priority Mail options.

If your package is around 4 lbs and you opt for Priority Mail Express, you’re looking at around a $50 price point.

Priority Mail Express typically delivers within a day, depending on where the package is being shipped to.

The same package shipped with Priority Mail 2-Day would cost around $20.

Keep in mind that these price points only factor in weight, and destination can play a large part in the cost of your package when shipping with USPS.

If you’re interested in getting a more personalized estimate of costs, you can find a spreadsheet from USPS with the weight and destination estimates for each service here.

What Clothes Can You Ship With USPS?

What Clothes Can You Ship With USPS?

While USPS does not have any limitations on the type of clothing you can ship, there are limitations on the weight of packages.

You cannot ship any package with USPS weighing more than 70 lbs as of 2011.

While this may seem like a hard weight to reach when just shipping clothing, it is common for shipments of winter coats or wedding dresses to reach this limit quickly.

To avoid being turned away at the Post Office when shipping heavier clothing items, it’s a good idea to weigh your package at home before trying to ship it.

Keep in mind that any extra packaging will add to the overall weight of your package, so choose lightweight materials such as tissue paper or packing peanuts, if any at all.

How Do You Ship Clothes With USPS?

The first step to shipping anything is to make sure your shipment is packaged carefully.

For shipping casual, lightweight apparel, you typically don’t have to worry about extra padding as they don’t need much protection.

If you’re shipping a singular item, such as a shirt, be sure to fold it carefully (you can also use this method to avoid wrinkles), place it inside a plastic bag, and secure it with tape.

This method also works for jeans and pants, although they may not need a plastic bag for protection- however, this is entirely up to your discretion.

Then, you can put your item in the shipping box you chose and proceed as usual.

For shipping more formal items, it’s recommended to use a larger box with better protection to prevent squishing/damage to any decorative details or specialized materials.

This being said, however, be sure not to choose a box with too much room, as any shifting while in transit can also cause damage to your package.

If you’re folding the formal wear, such as a suit or a cocktail dress, be sure to wrap it in tissue paper for added protection and add more rigid packaging like styrofoam or condensed tissue paper around decorative details to prevent damage.

If you’re shipping a wedding dress, be sure to choose a package with dimensions that allow your dress to be laid out as flat as possible to avoid any wrinkling.

You can also wrap your wedding dress in acid-free tissue paper and encase it in a plastic garment bag to prevent any stains or other damage that can happen in transit.

After packaging your shipment, all that’s left is to drop it off at your local post office.

Can You Track a Shipment Of Clothes Through USPS?

USPS offers tracking as a built-in feature for most of its services.

If you’re shipping clothing with services such as First Class Package, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express, you’ll be given a tracking number on your receipt or on the confirmation email you receive from USPS.

To track your package, make sure you have the correct tracking number, and then you can either go to the USPS tracking page on their website or text your tracking number to 28777.

Can You Ship Clothes Internationally With USPS?

While USPS does allow for clothes to be shipped internationally, shipping anything internationally typically comes with more work.

USPS uses specific pricing for certain countries, which can be found here.

If you’re shipping clothing internationally with USPS, your best option would be to ship using Priority Mail International, which comes with a Flat Rate Box.

A Priority Mail International package weighing about 4 lbs will typically cost you just over $35.

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