Does SmartStyle Do Perms, Hair Extensions, Highlights, & More?

If you’ve noticed a SmartStyle Salon while shopping at Walmart, you may be wondering what services it offers. For example, does SmartStyle have traditional salon services like perms, hair extensions, or color treatments?

SmartStyle Salon is Walmart’s way to provide its customers with traditional salon services while maintaining low prices. I’ve researched all there is to know about SmartStyle Salon, and here’s what I discovered!

Does SmartStyle Do Perms, Hair Extensions, Highlights, & More?

SmartStyle Salon offers salon services for men and women of all ages, from basic haircuts and shampooing to services like perms, relaxers, braids, and highlights. These salons provide quick, quality beauty services at affordable prices. Also, SmartStyle provides retail hours at nearby Walmarts so customers can stop by before or after shopping.

If you’re still unsure if SmartStyle Salon offers the service you need, keep reading to see what services you can get at a SmartStyle Salon near you!

Can You Get a Perm at SmartStyle Salon?

If you’re looking for voluminous hair or spring corkscrew curls, a perm is a way to add permanent texture to your hair.

That said, SmartStyle Salon has experienced hairdressers that can safely apply this technique.

Additionally, all perms come with a complimentary haircut. Also, there are three packages to choose from at SmartStyle, including:

  • Partial ten rods or less
  • Complete perm
  • Specialty perm

For those with long hair, be prepared to pay more, especially if your hair is longer than shoulder length.

Can You Get a Relaxer at SmartStyle Salon?

Another popular texturizing treatment is a relaxer. With that, SmartStyle Salon performs treatments to reduce frizz, loosen curls, and smooth your hair pattern.

In addition to doing full head relaxers, customers can come in when their hair needs a retouch.

Additionally, if frizz is a significant issue with your hair or is plagued with damaging split ends, you can get conditioning treatments done at SmartStyle Salon.

For example, SmartStyle offers these restorative services to help smooth your hair and promote growth.

Does SmartStyle Do Highlights?

Yes, it most definitely does! For example, SmartStyle does foil highlights to add dimension to all hair colors.

Also, a color specialist can advise you about the number of foils needed to achieve your desired look.

Does SmartStyle Do Balayage Or Other Types Of Color?

Does SmartStyle Do Balayage Or Other Types Of Color? Walmart

Currently a popular trend for those with dark hair, balayage is offered at SmartStyle Salons. That said, a SmartStyle stylist can help you choose a shade that goes well with your skin color.

At each location, you can choose from semi-permanent to permanent dyes.

Does SmartStyle in Walmart Do Braids?

Since SmartStyle Salon provides quality, affordable, trendy hairstyles, it offers specialty styles like braids.

When scheduling an appointment, ask if the location has a stylist qualified due to the type of braids you want.

Also, bring along a picture to help your stylist visualize how you would like your hair to look. If you are not sure, stylists can give you options.

Moreover, other specialty services available at SmartStyle Salons are:

  • Up Do’s
  • Ponytails
  • Thermasmooth (with curling/flat iron)
  • Luxury (with curling/flat iron)
  • Complete (with curling/flat iron)

Does SmartStyle Salon Do Hair Extensions?

Although SmartStyle’s website doesn’t mention hair extensions as an available service, a stylist may install them near you since locations are independent.

That said, it’s best to call your local SmartStyle to find out.

Does SmartStyle Hair Salon Do Body Waxing?

Although there are no complete body waxing services at SmartStyle Salons, customers can wax their brows, lips, and chin.

In preparation for your appointment, here are some helpful tips to get the area ready for waxing.

Does SmartStyle Salon Only Provide Services For Women?

Even though many may associate salons with women, at SmartStyle, there are also services available for men and children.

For example, haircuts for men begin at $10 for a buzz cut, and for children ten and under, it’s $10.95.

Does SmartStyle Salon Do Haircuts?

For customers who want to get in and out quickly, SmartStyle Salon offers the Express haircut.

In addition to a haircut, SmartStyle Salon also offers:

  • Haircut & Shampoo
  • Haircut, Shampoo & Basic Style
  • Haircut, Shampoo & Full Style (with curling or flat iron)
  • Kids Haircut
  • Kids Haircut & Shampoo
  • Bang/Beard Trim

When you purchase a shampoo service, you will receive a free conditioner and scalp massage.

Does SmartStyle Salon Offer Haircare Products For Purchase?

Even though your hair looks fantastic when you leave a salon, it may not look so great the next day.

So, SmartStyle offers many quality products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments, at competitive prices.

Additionally, SmartStyle understands the importance of maintaining healthy hair and offers affordable products to help you replicate your style at home.

At SmartStyle, many popular salon brands such as Matrix, Biolage, and Mizani are available.

How Much Do Services Cost at SmartStyle?

Since all SmartStyle Salons are independently owned, prices vary by location. However, fees for services typically range from $14-$50.

Where Can I Find Special Promotions at SmartStyle Salons?

Not only are salon services available at low prices every day, but there are often promotions available to help you save even more money.

For example, when you visit the Offers and Hair Deals page on the SmartStyle website, you can see all available discount promotions at that location.

Where Can I Get a SmartStyle Gift Card?

SmartStyle gift cards, which start at $10, make the perfect gift. With that, you can use gift cards at any SmartStyle Salon to purchase products or services.

Can You Check-In Before an Appointment Or Schedule an Appointment Online?

From the salon locator page, customers can check in before their appointment or schedule a future appointment. However, you will need to enter your name and phone number.

Next, you must select a service. That said, there’s a helpful checklist that details the services available at that location.

Finally, you can search for a favorite stylist or elect to have an appointment with the first available and can even choose a time that works for you.

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