Does Starbucks Have Public Toilets? (Can Anyone Use, Code + Other FAQs)

When being out in public, using the bathroom is almost inevitable. That being said, if you go to Starbucks often you may be wondering, does Starbucks have a bathroom and can I use it?

I’ve done some research on Starbucks bathrooms and if they are open to the public, and this is what I learned!

Does Starbucks Have Public Toilets In [currentyear]?

Fortunately, Starbucks’ shops do have toilets for its employees and customers as of [currentyear]. Furthermore, Starbucks’ bathrooms used to remain locked at all times and if you needed to use the bathroom you had to ask for the “bathroom code”. Luckily, that has now changed and since May 2018, anyone can use Starbucks’ bathrooms, even if they haven’t bought anything.

Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about who can use Starbucks’ bathrooms, what the Starbucks bathroom code is, and much more!

Do all Starbucks have Bathrooms?

Thankfully, yes all Starbucks coffee shops have restrooms. Moreover, the only “Starbucks” that doesn’t have a restroom would be the small Starbucks shops that are inside other stores.

Furthermore, this is because the Starbucks shop is already inside a store with bathrooms, therefore, there is no need for Starbucks to have its own bathrooms.

Are Starbucks’ Bathrooms Locked?

Are Starbucks' Bathrooms Locked?

Fortunately, most Starbucks bathrooms have become completely “public” where you can enter and use the bathroom without it being locked or having to ask for the key.

Additionally, there are still a few Starbucks bathrooms where you have to ask for the key, however, unless there is some sort of apparent “danger”, Starbucks has to give you the key.

Do you have to Buy Something to use the Bathroom at Starbucks?

Previously, Starbucks kept its bathrooms under lock and key and only allowed paying customers to use them to prevent its bathrooms from becoming “public”.

Thankfully, because of an incident in May of 2018, Starbucks has changed its bathroom policy to become “public” and allow anyone to use its bathrooms, even if they haven’t bought anything.

What is Starbucks’ Bathroom Code?

There is actually no “bathroom code” or physical key for Starbucks’ bathrooms, however, there used to be.

As stated previously, Starbucks’ bathrooms used to be under lock and key, therefore, to use a Starbucks bathroom customers had to ask a Starbucks employee for the key.

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Fortunately, for all Starbucks customers, or someone who has to use the bathroom, you can now use any Starbucks bathroom without having to ask for a key, with or without being a Starbucks customer. Furthermore, Starbucks changed its bathroom policy in May 2018.

Additionally, there is no “bathroom code” for Starbucks bathrooms. Moreover, the “code” used to be a key that customers had to ask a Starbucks employee to use, before the bathroom policy changed.

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