Does Subway Have Wraps? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Many people think of a six-inch or footlong loaf of bread when they think of a sub sandwich at Subway. Yet, wraps are a popular option at many fast-food restaurants for anyone who wants a change from regular bread.

Maybe you’re wondering whether Subway has wraps available and, if so, what varieties are available? Well, I looked into it, and here’s what I found about the matter!

Does Subway Have Wraps In [currentyear]?

Subway’s menu includes wraps which customers can use to make nearly any sub sandwich as of [currentyear]. There are different varieties of wraps, including tomato basil and spinach wraps, which are the same price point as a six-inch sub. These thin, burrito-like wraps were introduced around 2018 as part of an ongoing effort by Subway to update the menu.

For more answers about Subway’s wraps, including info about the price and whether or not they’re gluten-free and more, keep reading!

How Much Is A Subway Wrap?

The wraps on Subway’s menu range from $6.99 to $7.49, depending on the type of toppings. Like the subs, you can customize these wraps, which you can substitute for any six-inch bread.

What Flavor Wraps Does Subway Have?

Currently, Subway’s national menu lists two varieties of wraps: tomato basil and spinach wraps. However, the choices may vary from location to location.

While the national menu doesn’t list it, habanero was another wrap flavor available at some Subway locations for a short time.

Also, there’s always the possibility of more flavors in the future.

Does Subway Toast Its Wraps?

Anyone who has ever visited a Subway knows the question the sandwich artist will ask just before they add veggie toppings: “Would you like the bread toasted?”

However, unlike Subway bread, the wraps cannot be toasted. With that, toasting the wrap would make it challenging to roll up without ripping the wrap.

So, if you want a toasted sandwich that’s similar to a wrap, perhaps try one of Subway’s flatbread sandwiches. While not the same as a wrap, it’s similar and can be toasted with no problem.

Does Subway Offer A Lettuce Wrap?

The only lettuce that Subway sells is shredded lettuce which would not work for lettuce wraps.

While this news might be disappointing to those watching their carbs, Subway has other low-carb options.

For example, one simple way to avoid carbs at Subway is to turn your favorite sub into a salad.

Even though it’s not the same as a lettuce wrap, a Subway salad may just hit the spot for many people.

Does Subway Have Low-Carb Wraps?

Does Subway Have Low-Carb Wraps?

Even though Subway previously carried low-carb wraps, at this time, it does not.

In fact, Subway’s wraps are relatively high in carbs and wouldn’t be considered conducive to a low-carb diet.

However, although the wraps at Subway are high in carbs, Subway does offer a low-carb bread option in some locations.

What Size Are The Subway Wraps?

The wraps at Subway are smaller than a footlong sub but bigger than a six-inch sub. However, you can fill the Subway wraps with the same amount of meat as a footlong sub.

Also, because you can fill the wraps with more meat than a six-inch sub, they’re an excellent option for anyone who wants more protein but less bread.

Can You Make Any Subway Sandwich A Wrap?

Yes, you can turn any sub sandwich at Subway into a wrap. However, the amount of vegetables and other toppings might need to be limited since a wrap is much less substantial than sub bread.

Therefore, some varieties of sub sandwiches might work better than others as a wrap. For instance, the lunchmeat types of subs might work better in a wrap than a meatball marinara sub.

Having said that, every sandwich can be customized as desired at Subway.

So, if someone wants to try a combination of flavors such as a tomato basil wrap with meatball marinara, they certainly can!

Are Subway Wraps Tasty?

While many people prefer to order a sandwich on one of the varieties of bread at Subway, for others, the convenience and texture of a wrap is better.

If you’ve never tried a Subway wrap, you may be curious whether they’re any good. Based on reviews, the wraps are popular and highly rated for flavor.

So, they’re worth trying next time you order at Subway, especially if you like more meat than bread.

To know more about Subway, you can also see our posts on whether or not Subway wraps are gluten-free, if Subway has vegan options, and Subway cheese types.


Recently, the option to order a Subway sandwich on a wrap instead of bread has become popular. That said, Subway’s two wrap flavors are currently tomato basil and spinach.

Any sandwich can be customized on a wrap, just like on any of the bread options. For customers looking for a lower-carb option, these wraps aren’t exactly low carb.

Also, the wraps aren’t exactly a low-calorie or low sodium bread choice at Subway. However, despite these shortcomings, many people claim the wraps are delicious and worth ordering!

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