Are Subway Wraps Gluten-Free? (All You Need to Know)

Subway offers a variety of customizable menu items, including sandwiches, salads, and melts, to ensure every customer gets what they want. Additionally, Subway caters to dietary requirements, including fat-free sauce, halal meat, and lighter calorie options.

Fans of the fast-food franchise may be wondering if Subway wraps or bread are gluten-free. After doing some digging, here’s what I’ve learned about Subway’s gluten-free options.

Are Subway Wraps Gluten-Free?

Subway does not have gluten-free wraps available in its stores. However, Subway does offer gluten-free bread, made in a gluten-free facility in a pre-made six-inch size. Because Subway makes meals on shared surfaces, it cannot guarantee products are entirely gluten-free.

For more information about whether Subway wraps are gluten-free, what other gluten-free options Subway offers, which Subway products are gluten-free, and how best to order gluten-free at Subway, just keep reading!

Does Subway Have Gluten-Free Bread Or Wraps?

Unfortunately, Subway does not have gluten-free wraps available within its stores.

With that, the wraps Subway offers include spinach, tomato, and basil wraps, which both contain gluten, according to the Subway allergens chart.

However, Subway offers pre-made gluten-free bread, which you can order to create your sandwich.

Does Subway Use Gluten-Free Bread?

Select Subway restaurants carry gluten-free bread, which is not baked alongside the other bread and wrap products, to ensure it’s gluten-free.

That said, the gluten-free Subway bread is delivered to Subway pre-packaged and is only available in a six-inch size.

Unfortunately, Subway does not carry gluten-free bread in a 12-inch, also known as a footlong.

Further, Subway recommends you consult your Subway sandwich artist about your gluten-free requirements to ensure your Subway order is free of gluten.

Does Subway Make Its Gluten-Free Bread?

No, Subway does not make its gluten-free bread in its stores to avoid contamination with other bread and wrap products.

Instead, the gluten-free bread served at Subway is made and packaged at a gluten-free facility and delivered to Subway pre-wrapped.

Also, Subway gluten-free bread is only available in a six-inch size because it’s pre-packaged.

Additionally, Subway gluten-free bread can be warmed in the oven like other bread types at Subway if you prefer your sandwich warmed.

Which Subway Stores Have Gluten-Free Bread Or Wraps?

Which Subway Stores Have Gluten-Free Bread Or Wraps?

As Subway is a franchise business, there is no set menu to follow, which means gluten-free bread cannot be guaranteed at every Subway location.

However, online reports note that gluten-free bread is available at Subway located in Rhode Island, Arlington, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and other locations.

If you want to find out if your local Subway carries gluten-free bread, it’s best to contact the store before visiting.

What Is Subway’s Gluten-Free Bread Made Of?

The Subway gluten-free bread contains egg whites, cornstarch, palm oil, tapioca starch, sugar, and modified cornstarch.

With that, Gluten-Free Living has compiled a complete list of ingredients contained in Subway’s gluten-free bread.

Is Subway Gluten-Free Bread Good?

The gluten-free bread offered at Subway has received favorable reports online, with Gluten-Free Yummy describing the bread as tasty.

Moreover, some describe Subway gluten-free bread as having a soft and airy texture and as convenient as healthy fast food.

Is Subway Celiac Friendly?

While Subway does offer gluten-free options, including bread and other ingredients, it may cause issues for those with gluten-free dietary restrictions due to its preparation in the stores.

Subway prepares its food in shared spaces, meaning products can be contaminated with gluten.

On its website, Subway states that it cannot guarantee that all its menu items are 100% free from gluten.

That said, informing your Subway sandwich artist of your gluten-free requirements is the best way to help ensure your Subway food remains gluten-free.

What Other Gluten-Free Options Does Subway Offer?

As well as gluten-free bread, Subway can also offer other menu items that are free from gluten.

For example, many of the meat and protein options at Subway are free from gluten, including bacon strips, grilled chicken, cold-cut combo meats, steak, tuna, and more.

Also, Subway has been trialing other gluten-free menu items, such as brownies, in states like Texas and other countries such as Australia.

So, these gluten-free menu items may eventually be introduced to American Subways if successful!

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