Does Subway Take Apple Pay? (All You Need To Know)

For many people, Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to make purchases. When making payments, this popular service works like a digital wallet and links to your debit or credit card.

However, Subway customers might wonder if they can use Apple Pay to purchase their food. If you have ever wondered about this, keep reading!

Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

Subway does accept Apple Pay when making payments at its store locations. In fact, since 2014, customers at Subway have been able to use Apple Pay at all locations to pay for food. More recently, Subway expanded its use of Apply Pay to include contactless curbside ordering via the Subway app.

For more facts about Subway’s use of Apple Pay, as well as other forms of payment, keep reading!

How Long Has Subway Been Accepting Apple Pay?

Subway was one of the first fast-food restaurants to begin using Apple Pay when it moved to mobile ordering back in 2014.

At that time, Apple Pay was relatively new, but Subway already had the technology in place to utilize it.

When Subway implemented Apple Pay, it was only for in-store purchases at the counter.

A few years later, other options became available for customers using Apple Pay that didn’t involve standing inside at the counter.

Can You Use Apple Pay For Curbside Pickup at Subway?

It’s hard to deny that curbside pickup has become a great way to enjoy a meal without having to wait in line inside. At Subway, curbside pickup has become quite popular and helpful.

After a few years of offering Apple Pay to its customers inside, Subway recently made things even more convenient when it started allowing Apple Pay with curbside pickup orders.

What Other Forms Of Mobile Payment Does Subway Accept?

Besides Apple Pay, some customers may wonder what other forms of mobile payment Subway will accept.

That said, Subway appears to accept PayPal at its store locations and in the Subway app.

Also, Subway uses a few other mobile payment options, but most likely, PayPal is the best-known and most widely used.

Can You Use Apple Pay When Ordering On Subway’s App?

Can You Use Apple Pay When Ordering On Subway's App?

One of the most exciting recent changes that Subway has made is adding the Apple Pay option to its app.

For example, the Subway app is a popular service that Subway offers where customers can find deals and promotions.

With the addition of the Apple Pay option on the app, occasionally, Subway may offer special deals specific to that form of payment which gives customers discounts on subs or other food items.

For instance, in the recent past, Subway had a deal in partnership with Apple Pay, which gave customers $2 off of a Subway footlong when they used Apple Pay on the app.

Before the update, which allows people to use Apple Pay on the Subway app, customers could only make purchases using other forms of mobile payment, such as PayPal.

By giving customers more flexibility and options when using Apple Pay, Subway has made significant progress in the experience and ease of ordering from its restaurants.

Is Subway’s App Free To Download?

Not only is the Subway app free, but it’s also easy to use and gives you access to many perks and rewards.

For example, using the Subway app lets customers earn points called “Subway My Way Points.”

Also, the Subway app allows you to place an order that you can customize just as you would like.

Moreover, pictures of the food on the app make it very simple to choose the ingredients for a sub or salad.

As far as the Subway My Way points, when customers order using the app, they earn four points (or tokens) for every $1 spent.

Although these tokens don’t add up extremely fast, they do benefit the customer.

Basically, after spending $50 at Subway on the app, customers can then receive $2 back. While this does not seem like much, it’s a nice feature of using the app.

As noted, sometimes using Apple Pay earns you even more deals.

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