Does T-Mobile Offer Cable TV? (All You Need To Know)

While you may know T-Mobile offers wireless services and products to customers all over the country, have you been wondering: does T-Mobile offer cable TV?

Well, I have been extensively looking into this topic for you and have found the answer to that question so continue reading to find out whether T-Mobile offers cable television!

Does T-Mobile Offer Cable TV?

T-Mobile does not offer cable television as of 2024, although it did have TVision for a short period. TVision was a cable television service available for various prices depending on what package you wanted. However, just five months after it launched, T-Mobile shut down TVision and began pushing customers towards Philo and YouTube TV instead.

Are you interested in learning even more about the cable television options that T-Mobile has to offer? If so, don’t stop reading yet as I am going to get into all of the details below!

Why is TVision Shutting Down?

TVision shut down because one of the big partners ended up filing for bankruptcy, and it also was too naive about the streaming market to successfully brand TVision.

Additionally, there were some controversies with TVision including that NBCUniversal, Discovery, and ViacomCBS said that the service was never vetted by them

Is T-Mobile TVision Good?

T-Mobile TVision was not that good, which is probably why it ended up shutting down just five months after launching, although it did have a decent list of channels that you could watch.

Furthermore, there were a lot of plan options available with TVision which made it worth checking out with some plans just $10 per month, and you had parental controls.

Not only that, but you had the option to stream up to three devices simultaneously, and received 100 hours of DVR service through the cloud.

However, there were quite a few drawbacks that led to TVision not being nearly as good as the competitors out there, such as exclusivity to T-Mobile customers, and it didn’t work on Roku.

Also, some of the best sports channels were missing from the lineup and CBS wasn’t included, along with access being limited to just one household.

Does TVision Require Internet?

Does TVision Require Internet?

Both the TVision cable television and the TVision Hub device require an Internet connection to work, along with a router.

Additionally, TVision also required a subscription and you could not access it without subscribing to the television service through T-Mobile.

Does T-Mobile have A TV plan?

T-Mobile does not have its own TV plan anymore, but you can still get the TVision Hub, which allows you to access all of the streaming services that you enjoy.

For example, with the TVision Hub, you can access more than 8,000 different applications which will allow you to watch live television, movies, and television shows.

TVision Hub offers applications including Philo TV, YouTube TV, Netflix, Apple TV+, Paramount+, and many other streaming services, which you have to pay to watch.

However, you can get discounts and free streaming service subscriptions with qualifying plans and lines, such as a year free of Apple T+ with a qualifying plan.

Will T-Mobile Offer Cable TV In The Future?

It does not appear that T-Mobile is going to offer cable television in the future since it is pushing customers to YouTube TV, Philo, and other streaming services offered through the TVision Hub.

In addition, T-Mobile has not commented on making a comeback into the live cable television streaming market so there is no reason to think it will offer an updated version of TVision.

That being said, there is always the possibility in the future that T-Mobile could join forces with another company and offer live cable television, so we will have to wait and see.

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T-Mobile does not offer cable TV to customers as of 2022, but it did offer cable television in 2021 which was called TVision, but it shut down within five months of launching.

Furthermore, TVision was not that good of a cable television streaming service since it was limited to T-Mobile customers, didn’t have all of the sports channels, and didn’t work with Roku.

However, you can still purchase the TVision Hub device and use it like Google Chromecast to watch movies and television shows from multiple streaming services on one device.

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