Does T-Mobile Offer Free Hulu And Netflix? (All You Need To Know)

Do you have T-Mobile or are thinking of switching and have been curious about what streaming services are offered as part of T-Mobile’s wireless plans?

Well, if you’ve been wondering: does T-Mobile offer free Hulu and Netflix, continue reading to learn what I’ve found out while researching this topic!

Does T-Mobile Offer Free Hulu And Netflix?

T-Mobile does offer free Netflix to customers who have either the Magenta Max or regular Magenta plan, but the free subscription isn’t the same for both plans. T-Mobile does not offer free Hulu to customers, but it did continue the Sprint “Hulu On Us” promotion for a while after T-Mobile acquired Sprint. However, that Hulu promotion has since been discontinued.

Are you looking for additional details about the free Netflix offered by T-Mobile, such as whether all plans qualify for the free Netflix? If so, keep reading to learn even more!

Is Netflix Free On T-Mobile?

Netflix is free on T-Mobile if you have one of the Magenta or Magenta Max plans which include:

  • Magenta single-line plan
  • Magenta multi-line plan
  • Magenta Military multi-line plan
  • Magenta 55+ multi-line plan
  • Magenta First Responders multi-line plan
  • Magenta Max multi-line plan
  • Magenta Military Max
  • Magenta 55+ Max
  • Magenta First Responders Max

However, the type of Netflix subscription that you will get free will vary depending on the number of lines on your plan.

For example, all of the Magenta multi-line plans and the Magenta Max single-line plan come with a Netflix Basic subscription which gives you 1 screen in standard definition.

If you have any of the Magenta Max plans, you will get a Netflix standard subscription which is 2 screens in high-definition.

Is Hulu Free On T-Mobile?

Hulu is not free on T-Mobile and is not included as one of the streaming services that you can get with a T-Mobile plan.

That being said, Sprint had a “Hulu On Us” promotion that continued for a few months after T-Mobile acquired Sprint, but T-Mobile has since discontinued this Sprint Hulu promotion.

What Streaming Service Is Free With T-Mobile?

What Streaming Service Is Free With T-Mobile?

There are a few different streaming services that are free with T-Mobile depending on which plan you have and that includes:

  • Netflix- Those with a Magenta Max or regular Magenta plan can get a Netflix for free
  • Paramount+- A special promotion where you can get one year free of Paramount+ exists for all T-Mobile Home Internet and Wireless customers
  • Apple TV+- If you’re on a Magenta or Magenta Max plan you can get a free year of Apple TV+

How Much Does T-Mobile Charge For Netflix?

T-Mobile does not charge for Netflix and you will get it free as long as you maintain an account that’s in good standing and stay on one of the qualifying Magenta or Magenta Max plans.

How Do I Activate My Free T-Mobile Netflix?

It’s very easy to activate your free Netflix subscription through T-Mobile and you can do this either through the T-Mobile app or T-Mobile website by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your T-Mobile account
  • Select “Account”
  • Click on “Add-Ons”
  • Select “Manage Data & Add-Ons”
  • Select “Services”
  • Find “Netflix”
  • Follow prompts to either create a new Netflix account or link your existing one to your T-Mobile account

Does T-Mobile 55+ Plan Include Netflix?

If you have the Magenta 55+ plan or Magenta 55+ Max plan, you will get Netflix for free as part of the benefits, although only Magenta Max includes 2 screens in HD.

Does T-Mobile Charge For Netflix Price Increase?

Even though Netflix increased its price in 2022 and will likely do so again in the future, you won’t be paying any additional costs on your T-Mobile phone bill.

Therefore, you’ll still be paying the same amount on your phone bill you always were, and T-Mobile will not charge you the difference since Netflix prices have increased.

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T-Mobile does offer a free Netflix subscription if you have one of the Magenta or Magenta Max phone plans, but the type of Netflix subscription you get will depend on the plan you have.

For example, Magenta plans, even those on a multi-line plan, will have the basic Netflix subscription which allows you to stream to 1 device in SD.

To qualify for the Netflix 2 screens in HD subscription, you will need Magenta Max. Also, T-Mobile does not offer free Hulu and has discontinued the Sprint “Hulu On Us” promotion.

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