Does T-Mobile Offer Roadside Assistance? (All You Need To Know)

You may know that some wireless providers offer roadside assistance to customers, but do you have T-Mobile and have been wondering: does T-Mobile offer roadside assistance?

If so, continue reading below as I dive into this topic and tell you all you need to know and learn all of the details that I’ve discovered during my research!

Does T-Mobile Offer Roadside Assistance?

T-Mobile does offer roadside assistance to customers if they have T-Mobile SyncUp Drive installed in their vehicles and are on one of the qualifying plans. Additionally, T-Mobile roadside assistance is provided by Allstate Motor Club, which is one of the top providers of roadside assistance. They will assist customers 365 days a year any time of the day or night.

Are you looking for more information about the T-Mobile roadside assistance, such as how much it costs and whether it’s worth it? Well, don’t stop reading because I’ve got more to share below!

How much is SyncUP DRIVE Monthly?

You can get SyncUp Drive service for $10 per month, although this is subject to change and sometimes T-Mobile runs deals where you can get it for $2 or $4 per month.

What Do You Get With T-Mobile Roadside Assistance?

With the T-Mobile roadside assistance, you will have the benefit of battery jump starts, and the ability to make 4 service calls each year but each call can be a maximum of $100.

Furthermore, you can call 1-866-746-4821 if your vehicle needs to be towed or serviced and each tow can be up to 10 miles.

In addition, you can access lockout services, up to 2 gallons of gas if you run out, a swap out for a spare tire, and other common roadside assistance benefits.

Does T-Mobile Offer Towing?

T-Mobile does offer towing as part of the Allstate Motor Club roadside assistance, but you have to have SyncUp Drive to have the towing benefit, and each tow can only be 10 miles or less.

Does T-Mobile Roadside Assistance Cover Other Drivers?

T-Mobile Roadside Assistance will cover any dependents that are over the age of 23 and who drive your vehicle, so it protects more than just you!

Who Is Eligible For T-Mobile Roadside Assistance?

Who Is Eligible For T-Mobile Roadside Assistance?

To be eligible for T-Mobile Roadside Assistance you will need to have the SyncUp Drive device installed in your vehicle and download and install the SyncUp Drive app on your device.

In addition, you will need to have a T-Mobile wireless account and the account must be in good standing to qualify for the program.

Is SyncUp Drive Worthwhile?

If you have T-Mobile, SyncUp Drive is worthwhile because you get basic roadside assistance as well as all of the other benefits of the device, such as maintenance alerts and travel history.

However, if you have AAA or another roadside assistance already, then T-Mobile’s roadside assistance program isn’t worth it since it doesn’t cover as much as AAA.

Also, SyncUp Drive does not offer real-time information like some other devices if that’s what you’re looking for, so it depends on what you plan to use SyncUp Drive for and why.

What Does The SyncUP DRIVE Do?

SyncUp Drive not only offers roadside assistance but will track the performance and health of your vehicle, as well as give you location information and activity.

Additionally, it will show you the history of your trips, help you learn better driving behaviors based on current behaviors, and alert you to preventative maintenance needed and car troubles.

On top of that, your vehicle can become a WiFi hotspot with SyncUp Drive, and that allows you to connect five devices at once for the ultimate WiFi capability.

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T-Mobile does offer roadside assistance to wireless customers that have the SyncUp Drive device installed in their vehicle.

Additionally, with the T-Mobile Roadside Assistance, you can make up to 4 service calls in one year and get benefits such as up to 2 gallons of gas, spare tire swap, and battery jump starts.

However, T-Mobile Roadside Assistance is more limited in scope than AAA offers, so if you already have roadside assistance adding this to your account wouldn’t be worthwhile.

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