Does T-Mobile Offer Student Discounts? (All You Need To Know)

A lot of wireless companies offer discounts to students, but have you been wondering, does T-Mobile offer student discounts?

If so, continue reading as I dive into this topic and tell you everything I’ve discovered during my research about a T-Mobile student discount!

Does T-Mobile Offer Student Discounts?

T-Mobile does not offer student discounts so you are not going to find any deals or specials through T-Mobile if you’re in college. Even though T-Mobile does not offer a student discount, you can still get a cell phone and plan for great prices through the various promotions T-Mobile has to offer.

Are you looking for even more information about how you might get a student discount with T-Mobile? Well, don’t stop reading since I have much more to share with you!

Do Students Get Discounts On T-Mobile?

There are no current discounts on T-Mobile for students through the T-Mobile website, but some third-party coupon websites may have offers available you could use to save money.

Furthermore, T-Mobile is always running special promotions and offers, such as switch and save, and specials on iPhones, so you can still save a lot of money as a student.

Also, T-Mobile might offer a student discount in the future, so you’ll have to continue checking the deals and promotions from T-Mobile to see if one has become available.

Why Doesn’t T-Mobile Have A Student Discount?

T-Mobile is more focused on providing First Responders, those over the age of 55, and military discounts, which might be why they don’t offer a student discount.

Additionally, T-Mobile is always running other deals and promotions to appeal to a wider audience, which means they may not offer a student discount to focus on broader discounts.

How To Save At T-Mobile Without a Student Discount

How To Save At T-Mobile Without a Student Discount

T-Mobile offers students and others the ability to save money even without a student discount, including the following:

1. Get Up To $1,000 When You Switch & Enroll In The Magenta Max Plan

One of the most popular T-Mobile discounts and special promotions is where you can get up to $1,000 when you switch to the Magenta Max plan.

Furthermore, you will get a $200 virtual prepaid Mastercard for every line that you have on Magenta Max up to 5 lines for a total of $1,000.

2. Switch To T-Mobile & Get Up To $800

Another popular offer is the basic Switch to T-Mobile promotion where T-Mobile will pay off your phone up to $800 if you bring your own device to T-Mobile.

3. Add A New Line & Get a Free Phone

T-Mobile allows students and others to save money by offering a new phone if they add a line to their account, and the phones are all popular flagship devices such as from Samsung or Apple!

4. Enroll In AutoPay

Even without a student discount, you can save money with T-Mobile by enrolling in AutoPay, which can reduce your bill by $40 or more per month.

However, the AutoPay discount will depend on how many lines you have and which plan you’re on, but it’s a great way to save money without having to do anything major!

5. Switch To Magenta Or Magenta Max

You can save money on your T-Mobile bill by switching to Magenta or Magenta Max, which offers more perks and benefits to customers, and gives you free Netflix so it’s a great value!

6. Add More Lines To Your Account

If you add more lines to your account, you’ll save even more money on your T-Mobile bill, so add family or friends to save money on your monthly bill.

Furthermore, as a student, you might want to add your roommates if you’re in college or a younger sibling so that you will save money on your bill per line.

7. Ask About Promotions

You can call T-Mobile customer service and ask what promotions are available because there could be some special deals that you qualify for, which will save you money as a student.

For example, there might be a special where you get a discount if you enroll in paperless billing, switch your plan, upgrade your device or other deals!

Also, the special offers are always changing and new ones are being added regularly, so even if there are no specials when you call, try to call back in a few months and see what’s available.

8. Ask About Employer Discounts

Some employers get special discounts with T-Mobile, so if you’re a student and you work, you might want to ask if your employer gets a discount through T-Mobile.

What Cell Phone Carriers Offer Student Discounts?

If you’re looking for a student discount on your cell phone, then you might want to check out either Verizon or AT&T with Verizon offering the best discount of $25 off per line for students.

However, the Verizon deal is for students on an Unlimited plan, so make sure you ask about the eligibility requirements for Verizon student discounts if you want to switch from T-Mobile.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not T-Mobile offer senior discounts, does T-Mobile offer military & veterans discounts, and does T-Mobile offer unlimited data.


T-Mobile does not specifically offer student discounts, although the company has a lot of deals and promotions that will still save you money on your phone bill, such as AutoPay.

Additionally, switching to Magenta Max, which is one of the best Unlimited plans, can help save you money as a student, as well as add other people to your account.

However, if you want a student discount specifically, you can check out Verizon since they offer up to $25 off your phone bill with the student discount if you have an Unlimited plan. 

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