Does T-Mobile Work in Canada? (All You Need to Know)

If you plan on visiting Canada or moving there, you might have questions about your T-Mobile coverage in this country and are wondering- does T-Mobile work in Canada?

Well, I have been looking into this question and have found the answer, plus additional information you need to know, so keep reading to find out everything I’ve discovered!

Does T-Mobile Work in Canada in [currentyear]?

T-Mobile does work in Canada, and that includes the ability to send or make calls, receive or send text messages, and even browse the Internet through your data plan in [currentyear]. Furthermore, there are no roaming charges when you use your phone in Canada, although not all locations will have great reception since some areas are more remote.

Do you want to know all about the coverage in Canada with T-Mobile, such as what cities you’ll have coverage in? If so, read further to learn where you’ll get T-Mobile service while in Canada!

Can You Use a T-Mobile Phone in Canada?

You can use your T-Mobile phone in Canada without having to set up your device or change anything since there are no roaming charges or additional steps involved.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to your standard phone features, including calls, text, and data, and you will have up to 5 GB of 4G LTE high-speed data or your plan’s premium data limit.

However, even if you go over your 5 GB of premium data or your data plan’s allotment, you won’t be charged any overages. However, you may have your speeds reduced.

Is Canada Included in a T-Mobile Plan?

Canada is included in most T-Mobile plans as part of the Mobile Without Borders program, and if you have one of the following plans it’s included for free:

  • Magenta
  • One
  • Simple Choice
  • Max
  • Business Unlimited

Also, even if you don’t have a plan where Canada is automatically included, you can call T-Mobile and have Mobile Without Borders added to your plan for a fee.

If you have a basic plan such as T-Mobile Essentials, you won’t get the full Mobile Without Borders experience.

However, you may find roaming in Canada is available through another feature.

What Carrier Does T-Mobile Use in Canada?

If you’re using your T-Mobile phone in Canada, you will either be roaming through TELUS, Mobilicity, Rogers, or WIND Mobile, since they all have partner agreements with T-Mobile.

Does T-Mobile Prepaid Work in Canada?

T-Mobile prepaid plans and phones do work in Canada.

In fact, you’ll have unlimited calls and texts while in Canada or if you’re in the United States and talking to someone in Canada.

In addition, you can still use your high-speed data while in Canada too, so you won’t have to worry about being charged extra for data or losing your high-speed data connection.

Does T-Mobile Work in the Province of Alberta, Canada?

Does T-Mobile Work in the Province of Alberta, Canada?

T-Mobile does work in Alberta, Canada; you can see on the T-Mobile coverage map that you’ll have reliable service and there shouldn’t be any areas where you lose signal.

Does T-Mobile Work in Calgary, Alberta?

You’ll notice on the T-Mobile coverage map that you’ll have a strong connection in Calgary, Alberta, whether you’re inside or outside of the city.

Does T-Mobile Work in Edmonton, Alberta?

The T-Mobile coverage map shows excellent coverage in Edmonton, Alberta, and you should have a strong cell signal regardless of where you are in the city.

Does T-Mobile Work in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada?

If you’re going to Saskatchewan, Canada, then you’re going to have excellent coverage according to the T-Mobile coverage map, and there shouldn’t be any dead zones.

Does T-Mobile Work in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

The T-Mobile coverage map shows perfect coverage in Winnipeg, Manitoba, so you don’t need to worry about losing your signal or having dead spots within this popular city in Canada.

Does T-Mobile Work in Vancouver, British Columbia?

T-Mobile has partner coverage in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is provided at no additional cost.

Therefore, you’ll be able to use your T-Mobile phone and have a quality signal within the city!

Does T-Mobile Work in Langley, British Columbia?

T-Mobile has partner coverage within Langley, British Columbia, which means that you’ll connect to the partner tower at no additional cost, and there shouldn’t be any dead spots.

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T-Mobile does work in Canada and it’s part of the Mobile Without Borders program, which means that there aren’t additional roaming fees and your phone will work without extra setup required.

Also, T-Mobile has partner agreements in Canada, so the cities where T-Mobile doesn’t have coverage will be covered by these partners at no additional cost.

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  1. I spend 6 months in the US and 6 months in Canada. Up until now, I have had to use 2 different pre paid plans, one for Canada and one for the US, and must get new numbers every year. I have used Mint Mobile for several years for my 6 months in the US. I just got an “announcemint” that T- Mobile has acquired Mint Mobile. Would T-Mobile work for me in both countries? Do you know what a plan would cost?
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