Does Tesco Express Sell Flowers? [All You Need To Know!]

Smaller shops like Tesco Express are convenient for the surrounding community and provide a small, but useful range of everyday products.

They provide all the basics within walking distance and without the hassle of making a trip to your local supermarket, but does Tesco Express sell flowers? Here is what I discovered!

Does Tesco Express Sell Flowers?

Tesco Express does sell flowers. They usually have a small collection that expands on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The cost varies from around £2.50 up to about £6.00 depending on what type of flowers you are buying and how big the arrangement is.

To learn more about the types of flowers, availability, and locations, keep on reading!

What Types of Flowers Do Tesco & Tesco Express Sell?

Tesco Express sells a range of flowers, including Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Roses, Tulips, Lilies, and many more.

Additionally, the types of flowers can sometimes vary depending on the season and availability and can also vary from each store and how many visitors they get per day.

Where Does Tesco Get Their Flowers From & How Long Do They Last?

Tesco has two flower providers, Finlay Flowers and Oserian. Finlay Flowers is a Scottish company, and Oserian is a Dutch company.

They are both Fairtrade companies and own farms in Kenya where they grow flowers on the shore of Lake Naivasha.

The lifespan of flowers bought at Tesco depends on the type of flower you buy. Usually, each bunch of flowers will come with a freshness guarantee.

This freshness guarantee can be between 5 to 7 days, however, Tesco has been known to offer a 14-day freshness guarantee on some of their flowers.

Additionally, most flowers purchased at Tesco and Tesco Express come with a small sachet of plant food attached to the stem.

To get the most out of your bunch of flowers, pour some water into a vase along with a sachet of plant food.

Do Tesco Express Sell House Plants & Gardening Supplies?

Tesco Express does not sell houseplants… well, not real ones. Their home interior isle sometimes has a selection of fake succulents and cactus as well as fake potted plants.

Additionally, Tesco sells some basic gardening supplies such as gardening gloves, trowels, secateurs, and weedkillers. They can usually be found in the home décor isle.

How To Make Flowers Last A Long Time?

  1. Before putting your flowers in a vase make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it and have gotten rid of bacteria left from the previous bunch of flowers.
  2. Cut the stems of your flowers before placing them in the water. Cutting them diagonally means that there will be a bigger surface area for the water to be absorbed by.
  3. Add a few teaspoons of sugar to the water. This will give your plants a little extra energy.
  4. Put flowers in room temperature water and change the water every 2-3 days.

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Tesco Express does sell flowers. The chances are that the choice will be limited except for special holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. They do not currently sell flowers for delivery online.

Flowers from Tesco stores usually come with a freshness guarantee. The duration of this guarantee varies depending on the type of flower you buy, but if you are unhappy you can return them at a Tesco supermarket store or a Tesco Extra.

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