Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Dye? [All You Need To Know!]

We’ve all found ourselves with some funky lockdown hairstyles in the past few months. Perhaps you need your roots touched up, perhaps you want to try something different.

So, you may be wondering whether or not Tesco Express sells hair dye. Here is what I discovered!

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Dye?

Tesco Express stores do sell a limited range of hair dyes and other hair-related products such as shampoos and conditioners. However, this availability can vary depending on each individual location, the size of the Tesco Express, and also the demand for hair dye in a specific store. 

To learn more about locations, colors, and other products, keep on reading!

Does Tesco Express Sell Pink Hair Dye?

It is unlikely that your local Tesco Express will sell bright colored hair dyes. However, customers can buy Schwarzkopf Shocking Pink hair dye in Tesco supermarket stores if you can’t get it in your local Tesco Express.

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Bleach?

Availability will depend upon each store. If you want to buy hair bleach from your local Tesco Express, it is best to phone up and check whether they have any in-store.

The larger Tesco stores have a selection of hair bleach, including the Jerome Russel B Blonde Maximum Blonding Kit and the L’Oreal Colorista Effect Bleach Hair kit.

Which Hair Dye Brands Does Tesco Express Sell?

If your Tesco Express sells hair dye, they will most likely have a limited choice of brands. The most common brands that Tesco and Tesco Expres sell include L’oreal, nice’n easy, Garnier, and Schwarzkopf.

These brands include natural colors like browns, blondes, and auburn as well as more vibrant colors like purples, reds and blues.

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Colour Remover?

It is unlikely that Tesco Express will sell hair color remover, however normal Tesco Stores do sell colour remover products like the Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength and the Colourless Hair Colour Remover Max Effect Kit.

Does Tesco Express Sell Disposable Rubber Gloves For Dying Hair?

Your local Tesco Express probably won’t sell disposable rubber gloves, but normal Tesco stores do sell a range of rubber gloves that are suitable for dying hair. They can be found in the cleaning section of the store and usually come in packs of 40 or 50.

Does Tesco Express Sell Hair Masks & Intensive Conditioners?

Unless there is a special deal, it is unlikely that you will find hair care products other than shampoo and regular conditioner in Tesco Express.

Tesco supermarket stores sell a range of hair masks and deep conditioners from brands such as: Toni & Guy, Pantene, John Freida, Garnier, Vatika, and L’Oreal.

If you visit Tesco Express stores often, you will be glad to know that they also sell a wide range of other products, including alcohol, gift cards, and even flowers!


When it comes to hair care, Tesco Express will often provide a limited choice. The stock varies depending on the size and location of your local Tesco Express Shop, so if you are in doubt, it is best to call your nearest store and check what they have in.

Failing that, Tesco supermarkets have a range of products available, including hair dyes, dye remover, conditioning masks, and other hair accessories.

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