Does Tim Hortons Have Espresso? (All You Need To Know)

If you’re looking to get an espresso at your local Tim Hortons, you might want to know: does Tim Hortons have espresso?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and whether the company serves espresso! 

Does Tim Hortons Have Espresso In 2024?

Tim Hortons does have espresso on the menu at its restaurants in 2024. Tim Hortons also offers espresso as an add-on for other coffee products like lattes and cold brews. An example is that you can add a single or double shot of espresso to a cup of coffee for an added cost.

Do you want to know more about whether Tim Hortons serves espresso and if you can get espresso in other drinks? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

How Many Calories Are in Tim Hortons Espresso?

Black Coffee has almost no calories, and a single shot of espresso has zero calories, but a double shot of espresso has 1 calorie.

How Much Caffeine is in Tim Hortons Espresso?

A single shot of espresso at Tim Hortons contains 125mg while a double shot of espresso contains 250mg of caffeine.

How Big is an Espresso at Tim Hortons?

An espresso at Tim Hortons is 30ml, which is also the amount in an espresso shot. Therefore, a double espresso is 60ml.

Can You Add Creamer to Tim Hortons Espresso?

Tim Hortons does not list creamer as an option with espresso on its website. However, you should be able to request it if you visit a Tim Hortons restaurant.

How Much is an Espresso at Tim Hortons?

A single espresso at Tim Hortons costs $1.29 while a double espresso cost $1.99. There is no charge to add sweeteners such as sugar.

What Is a Tim Hortons Americano?

An Americano at Tim Hortons refers to a beverage that is made by brewing an espresso, then mixing the espresso with hot water.

An Americano contains five calories, but what is most interesting is that you can actually add espresso shots to this already espresso-based drink.

Is Tim Hortons Espresso Vegan?

Is Tim Hortons Espresso Vegan?

Just like regular coffee, espresso does not contain any meat or animal by-products which means that it is vegan.

However, adding dairy creamer or milk will change its contents and therefore make it not vegan. In this case, you will want to select a dairy-free alternative such as oat or almond milk.

Does Tim Hortons Have Decaf Espresso?

Espresso is not usually found in a decaf version and Tim Hortons does not offer the hot beverage in decaf.

Are Espresso Shots Available With Coffee?

When you order a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons, you have the option to add espresso. This can be done with one or two shots.

How Much Extra Are Espresso Shots at Tim Hortons?

At Tim Hortons, espresso shots added to a cup of coffee are substantially cheaper than espresso purchased by itself.

 A shot of espresso adds 80 cents to a cup of coffee, while a double shot adds $1.60 to the price of a cup of coffee.

Are Espresso Shots Available With Lattes?

Espresso shots are available with lattes which include various types of lattes such as mocha, vanilla, caramel, and roasted hazelnut.

Are Espresso Shots Available With Cold Brew Coffee?

Tim Hortons offers espresso shots with cold-brewed coffee and iced coffee. This also includes specialty cold coffees like the vanilla cream cold brew.

Are Espresso Shots Available With Cappuccinos?

Espresso shots are available with Tim Horton’s cappuccinos, including the regular cappuccino as well as Iced Capps.

Are Espresso Shots Available With Other Drinks?

Although you probably associate espresso with coffee, there are other drinks that also work well with a shot of the highly caffeinated drink.

Tim Hortons serves hot chocolate and Creamy Chills with the option to add shots of espresso. This gives a burst of caffeine into an otherwise low-caffeine drink.

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Espresso is a popular drink for obvious reasons. Tim Hortons realizes this and offers it at the restaurants. Best of all, you can purchase espresso by itself in either a single or double serving, or you can add a shot to many popular drinks.

Hot and cold beverages alike can benefit from the added kick of espresso, and you can tailor them to your taste by choosing either a single or double shot. Even drinks that otherwise do not contain coffee still offer it as an option.

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