Does Tim Hortons Serve Breakfast All Day? (Opening Hours, Breakfast Menu + More)

If you have a craving for breakfast in the afternoon, you might want to know: does Tim Hortons serve breakfast all day?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons breakfast and whether or not it is available all day! 

Does Tim Hortons Serve Breakfast All Day In [currentyear]?

Tim Hortons locations in Canada offer a menu of select breakfast items that are available all day as of [currentyear]. Visitors may notice that oatmeal, one of Tim Hortons’ most popular dishes, is not available on the all-day breakfast menu. However, most other breakfast items are included and can be purchased until closing.

Do you want to know more about Tim Hortons’ breakfast hours and what is available on its all-day menu? If so, read on to learn what I’ve found out! 

When Does Tim Hortons Serve Breakfast?

Tim Hortons serves breakfast until 10 AM; however, there is an all-day breakfast menu offered continuously.

However, notably missing from this menu is its oatmeal which is only served at breakfast.

When Does Tim Hortons Stop Serving All-Day Breakfast?

Tim Hortons stops selling all-day breakfast when the restaurant closes. Further, select locations may have a cutoff time, but most Canadian locations have breakfast until closing.

Also, Tim Hortons may exclude select menu items.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch All Day?

Unlike breakfast, lunch is not served all day at Time Hortons. That said, lunch starts at 10 AM at most Tim Hortons locations throughout Canada and the US.

Is Tim Hortons Open 24 Hours?

Some Tim Hortons franchises may be open 24 hours, but most locations are open 10 AM to 6 PM.

What Are Tim Hortons Hours?

Most Tim Hortons locations are open from 6 AM to 10 PM. However, hours can vary by location, so be sure to check your nearest location before visiting.

What Does Tim Hortons Serve For Breakfast?

Tim Hortons has a wide array of breakfast food and drinks. However, it is best known for its donuts and coffee. Also, Tim Hortons offers croissants, biscuits, wraps, iced drinks, and muffins.

As you can see, Tim Hortons is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Does Tim Hortons Have Breakfast Combos?

Does Tim Hortons Have Breakfast Combos?

Yes, Tim Hortons has breakfast meal combos that include medium coffee and hash browns.

Does Tim Hortons Have Breakfast Bundles?

Tim Horton does offer breakfast specials, including a classic breakfast bundle and a farmer’s breakfast bundle.

No matter the choice, both bundles feed four to six people and are available at select locations.

Does Tim Hortons Have Oatmeal For Breakfast?

Tim Hortons locations in Canada offer oatmeal for breakfast. However, it is not part of the all-day breakfast menu.

What Holidays Does Tim Hortons Serve Breakfast?

Tim Hortons is open and serves breakfast on all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas, making Tim Hortons a great place to stop on your day off.

What Are Tim Hortons Breakfast Hours On Holidays?

The great thing about Tim Hortons’ holiday hours is that the restaurant is no different from regular days.

For example, restaurants open and close at normal times except for being closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What Time Does Tim Hortons Drive-Thru Serve Breakfast? 

The drive-thru at Tim Hortons offers breakfast during the same hours as indoors. But, the only difference is some locations may have extended drive-thru hours.

Therefore, it’s best to find your local Tim Hortons to get the most up-to-date hours.

Does Tim Hortons Breakfast Have Rewards?

Tim Hortons does offer a rewards program for customers, including at breakfast time. That said, you can sign up for a rewards card that gives points for qualifying purchases.

Then, you can redeem points for menu items once enough are accrued.

What Fast Food Restaurants Serve Breakfast?

Fortunately, several popular fast-food restaurants offer breakfast.


Wendy’s began rolling out breakfast offerings several years ago. However, breakfast is only available until 10 AM, when lunch begins.


McDonald’s is the most well-known fast-food restaurant, and one reason is its popular breakfast offerings.

Also, McDonald’s did try a limited breakfast menu a few years ago but discontinued it during the pandemic.

Burger King

Burger King also has a breakfast menu, but like Wendy’s, Burger King ends breakfast at 10 AM with the start of lunch.

To know more, you can also see our posts on what time does Tim Hortons serves lunch, if Tim Hortons has soup, and if Tim Hortons has poutine.


Tim Hortons serves breakfast all day at select locations throughout Canada. However, the menu is missing some notable favorites, such as oatmeal, but biscuits and croissants are available.

Additionally, the best thing about Tim Hortons breakfast being served all day is that you can mix and match offerings from both breakfast and lunch menus.

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