Does Tim Hortons Have Fries or Wedges? (Price, Calories + More)

If you’re looking to get a bite to eat at Tim Hortons and are wondering what sides are offered, you might want to know: does Tim Hortons have fries or wedges?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and whether the company serves fries or wedges! 

Does Tim Hortons Have Fries or Wedges In [currentyear]?

Tim Hortons does offer potato wedges on its menu in Canada but doesn’t have french fries or other offerings such as tater tots in [currentyear]. Potato wedges are available as a side with combo meals or can be ordered by themselves. However, they are not available at Tim Hortons locations in the United States.

Do you want to know more about whether Tim Hortons serves potato wedges or French fries? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

Are Tim Hortons Potato Wedges Available Outside Canada?

Unfortunately, potato wedges are only available at Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada and are not served at locations in the US or overseas.

Are Potato Wedges Available All Day at Tim Hortons?

Although Tim Hortons has an all-day breakfast menu, it does not have an all-day lunch menu. Potato wedges are only available for lunch which runs from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Are Tim Hortons Wedges Seasoned?

Tim Horton’s potato wedges are seasoned. However, Tim Horton’s doesn’t list the types of seasonings that are used on potato wedges.

What Shape Are Tim Hortons Potato Wedges?

Potato wedges typically come in a shape that, as the name implies, leaves them looking like a wedge.

However, Tim Hortons take this a step further by adding a crinkle-cut texture to the potato wedges.

Are Tim Hortons Wedges Available as a Side?

Tim Horton’s wedges are available as a side with select lunch menu combo meals.

How Big Are Tim Hortons Wedges?

How Big Are Tim Hortons Wedges?

Tim Hortons uses real potatoes for wedges which means that every piece is slightly different.

Most wedges are similar to a steak cut french-fry. They are also a little larger than bite-size.

How Much Is an Order of Wedges?

An order of potato wedges usually costs $2.39 at Tim Hortons, but prices may vary by location.

How Big Is an Order of Wedges?

An order of potato wedges at Tim Hortons weighs 170 grams and comes in a small cardboard container.

This is the only size of the side that Tim Hortons offers, so if you are looking for more potato wedges, you will not be able to upgrade the size and will instead have to order another serving.

Do Tim Hortons Wedges Come With Sauce?

Sauces such as barbecue sauce do not come with potato wedges. However, ketchup is available if you request it.

How Many Calories Are in Tim Hortons Wedges?

A single order of potato wedges contains 380 calories which are nearly 1/5th of the recommended daily serving.

How Much Fat Is in Tim Hortons Wedges?

Tim Horton’s wedges contain 10 grams per serving and one serving is 170 grams.

Are Tim Hortons Wedges Fried? 

The potato wedges at Tim Hortons are deep-fried to give them a crispy texture on the outside.

Are Tim Hortons Wedges Vegan?

Tim Hortons advertises that its wedges are vegetarian but stops short of calling them vegan. However, if you check the included ingredients, there are no animal byproducts listed.

Does Tim Hortons Have Poutine With Wedges?

When Tim Hortons served poutine, it did use the potato wedges that are currently on the menu. Although the poutine was discontinued, you can still enjoy the potato wedges.

Does Tim Hortons Have Tater Tots?

Tim Hortons does not serve tater tots or any similar sides such as French fries or onion rings.

Does Tim Hortons Have Breakfast Potatoes?

Tim Hortons does not serve breakfast potatoes or have any other kind of potatoes available for breakfast.

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Tim Hortons doesn’t have french fries but does serve potato wedges. These wedges are crinkle cut and seasoned, which adds some distinction to the usual fries found at other fast-food restaurants.

The wedges are deep-fried to create a perfect crispy texture that goes great with a meal at Tim Hortons, but you will have to wait until lunchtime because they are not part of the breakfast menu.

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