Does TJ Maxx Have Coupon Codes? (Full Guide)

Many online retailers like J.C. Penney and HSN offer customers discount codes for significant price reductions on popular clothing, housewares, shoes and other merchandise.

So, since TJ Maxx is a bargain hunters’ destination, you may have wondered if the company also offers coupon codes. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

Does TJ Maxx Have Coupon Codes In 2024?

TJ Maxx doesn’t have coupon codes or promo codes in 2024. This is because the prices are already low, and discounted by 20 to 80% off the full price customers would pay for similar items at department stores. Shoppers at TJ Maxx can shop the weekly markdowns on Wednesdays for big discounts, and also clearance events in January and July.

To find out more about getting discounts online and in stores at TJ Maxx, read on for more useful facts and information!

Does TJ Maxx Have Coupon Codes?

TJ Maxx is well known for the low prices and quality bargains you can find in stores and online.

If you’re an online shopper, you know that using promo codes can offer significant price reductions on most items.

So, if you’re an online TJ Maxx shopper, you may be looking for promo codes to use with your next online purchase.

Unfortunately, TJ Maxx doesn’t have coupon codes or promo codes. According to the company, this is because its everyday prices are already very low.

TJ Maxx prices for designer brand clothing, shoes, handbags, cosmetics and more are 20 to 80% lower than the full prices you would pay at department stores for similar products.

However, even though TJ Maxx doesn’t have coupon codes, there are still some ways that you can get extra discounts even at low prices.

Can I Use Promo Codes for TJ Maxx From Another Site?

There are many websites that offer promo and discount codes for popular retailers like TJ Maxx.

Many of these sites have coupon codes that you can use on the retailer’s website when checking out to receive substantial discounts.

You can try using these codes when making online purchases at TJ Maxx, but you should be aware that these coupons are hit or miss, and they don’t always work.

In particular, the online coupon codes you may find for TJ Maxx will be valid within a narrow time period.

What Discounts Does TJ Maxx Offer?

Even though TJ Maxx doesn’t have promo codes and coupons, you can still find amazing discounts in stores and online.

In TJ Maxx stores, markdowns are taken every Wednesday, making Wednesday mornings the best time to shop for bargains.

Further, shoppers can take advantage of big markdowns at annual clearance sales at TJ Maxx in January and July.

Does TJ Maxx Ever Offer Free Shipping?

Does TJ Maxx Ever Offer Free Shipping?

TJ Maxx customers can get free shipping on orders over $89 all the time by using SHIP89 when checking out.

For online orders under $89, TJ Maxx does sometimes offer free shipping for customers. However, there is no regular schedule for these offers.

It’s more like a pop-up offer that online shoppers can take advantage of when they spot it on the website.

Customers who sign up for email notifications from TJ Maxx will also receive notice of free shipping offers.

Does TJ Maxx Offer a Military Discount?

Many large stores like Kohls, JCPenney, and Sears have military discounts for veterans and active duty personnel. Unfortunately, though, TJ Maxx does not offer a military discount.

Does TJ Maxx Have a Senior Discount?

TJ Maxx stores nationwide do not offer a senior discount. However, some stores in Florida have an experimental senior discount program.

TJ Maxx’s experimental senior discount program at stores in Florida gives seniors over 55 years a 10% discount on in-store purchases on Mondays.

Note that shoppers have to show a valid photo ID with proof of age to receive the discount.

As well, this discount program is at an experimental stage and is available only in Florida.

What Other Ways Are There for Shoppers to Save at TJ Maxx?

Online shoppers can get a one-time discount plus free shipping offer when they sign up to receive email notifications from TJ Maxx.

The notifications include free shipping offers, new arrival alerts, and exclusive benefits.

Shoppers can get a 10% discount on their first online purchase when they sign up for a TJX Rewards Credit Card account.

Shoppers earn 1,000 Reward Points for every dollar spent when they use the TJX Rewards Card. 

Shoppers who reach 1,000 Rewards Points get a $10 Rewards Certificate that can be used in TJ Maxx and affiliated stores like Marshalls and HomeGoods.

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TJ Maxx does not offer coupon codes or promo codes for discounts on online orders or in stores. Shoppers can find promo codes to use at TJ Maxx on other websites, but they should be aware that these codes work within a limited time frame.

Even though TJ Maxx doesn’t have coupon codes, shoppers can get discounts in many other ways. Markdowns are taken in stores every Wednesday, and there are major clearance events in January and July.

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