When Does TJ Maxx Restock? (All You Need to Know)

TJ Maxx is a favorite destination for savvy shoppers looking for bargains on quality clothing, shoes, makeup, home goods and many other items. As well as the low prices, there’s the thrill of not knowing what unique items you may find on each visit.

However, you may be wondering when TJ Maxx employees restock the store. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

When Does TJ Maxx Restock In [currentyear]?

TJ Maxx stores receive deliveries three to five times a week, and employees restock the shelves with the new arrivals as they come in. New markdowns are taken every Wednesday in [currentyear]. Marked down items have a red tag on the label to show a first markdown, and a yellow tag to show the final markdown and lowest price.

To find out more about when TJ Maxx restocks the store and the best way to find bargains, carry on reading to see what I discovered!

When Does TJ Maxx Restock Stores?

The TJ Maxx slogan that it’s ‘never the same store twice’ is true to a very large extent, because the company adds new items to its shelves regularly.

In fact, the inventory changes every day, and there’s always the chance of finding a unique gift or bargain designer handbag on every visit.

TJ Maxx stores receive deliveries three to five days in a week and restock all week as well. The stores don’t have a lot of room for inventory, and employees put all the new stock out as it comes in.

Therefore, you can have a shopping adventure any day of the week. However, if your main concern is to get the best price, markdowns are taken on Wednesdays.

The best time to find bargains is Wednesday morning, just after the new markdowns and before somebody else snaps them up.

How Do I Find Markdowns at TJ Maxx Stores?

Besides shopping on Wednesday mornings, there are many other ways to find great bargains at TJ Maxx. If you’re looking for the best prices on any item at TJ Maxx, it helps to learn to read the labels.

A label with a red tag has been marked down once, and a yellow tag means that it is the final markdown.

In practical terms, a red tag means that you can wait for a better price, and a yellow tag shows the lowest price for that item.

What Is the Best Day of the Week to Shop at TJ Maxx?

While Wednesdays are the best day to find newly marked down bargains, your main concern may be to avoid crowds. Therefore, the best days of the week to shop at TJ. Maxx are Tuesdays to Fridays.

As well, the best time to shop on these days are late mornings, before the office lunchtime and after work crowds hit the store.

Should You Shop at TJ Maxx on the Weekend?

Should You Shop at TJ Maxx on the Weekend?

Weekends are the busiest time at TJ Maxx, so it’s best to avoid them if you’re in a time crunch or have difficulty with crowds.

However, if the weekend is the only time you have free, weekend mornings and late evenings on Fridays are the times when the stores will be least crowded.

How Do I Find the Best Deals at TJ Maxx?

You may have heard of the January sales at TJ Maxx when prices are slashed, but there are also big sales in July.

Like most stores, TJ Maxx marks down all of its inventory twice a year to make room for new stock, which is your opportunity to get some great bargains at deeply discounted prices.

There are also smaller end of season markdowns during the year, as stores try to move inventory to make room for new arrivals

Some people also wait for holiday sales to buy holiday merchandise, but TJ Maxx doesn’t actually have special sales for holidays.

Rather, the advice from expert shoppers is to shop at TJ Maxx the day after a holiday, when unsold holiday merchandise will be significantly discounted.

Can I Get a Discount for Defective Merchandise at TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx staff can give you a small discount of 5 to 10% on defective merchandise if you ask politely.

How Can I Stay Informed of New Discounts and Special Offers at TJ Maxx?

If you want to stay informed about new discounts and occasional offers like free shipping, you can sign up to receive emails from TJ Maxx.

When you sign up, you’ll also get a one-time offer of a special discount of 15% on online purchases and free shipping.

You can sign up to join the TJ Maxx email list on the company website, and you can also follow TJ Maxx on social media.

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TJ Maxx stores are restocked throughout the week, so you will find new items whenever you go. New markdowns are taken weekly on Wednesdays, so the best time to shop for bargains is Wednesday mornings.

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