Does Tractor Supply Drug Test? (State, Warehouse + More)

A job at Tractor Supply is a good employment option, especially in rural areas where there might not be a lot of opportunities.

If you’re considering applying for a job there, you may have wondered if Tractor Supply drug tests. I looked it up and found all kinds of valuable details about the matter!

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In [currentyear]?

Tractor Supply does have a written drug-free workplace policy that states that it is committed to a safe and productive work environment as of [currentyear]. It also says that job applicants must pass a drug test before being offered a position. In practice, Tractor Supply rarely tests employees and mostly only does so after a serious workplace accident.

Read on to find out more about the Tractor Supply drug testing policy and how it works out in practice. You’ll find all you need to know here!

What Is The Tractor Supply Drug Testing Policy?

Tractor Supply Company or TSC has a Drug Free Workplace Program policy shared with all job applicants and employees.

With that, the policy recognizes that the work environment can be jeopardized if any employees use drugs or alcohol illegally on or off the job.

Therefore, the policy states that TSC is committed to a safe and productive work environment.

Further, the policy prohibits employees from:

  • Using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on business property
  • Possessing drugs or alcohol on business property
  • Possessing drugs with the intent to sell or distribute on business property
  • Selling drugs or alcohol on business property
  • Manufacturing drugs or alcohol on business property
  • Distributing drugs or alcohol on business property
  • Concealing and transporting drugs or alcohol on business property

Further, employees must submit to drug testing when asked by management.

Moreover, the written policy allows TSC to drug test employees as part of the job application screening process and during employment.

Also, employees have to show that they are aware of this policy by signing an agreement as a condition of employment.

However, this policy is not followed very strictly in practice, and in discussions, various employees report very different experiences of drug testing at TSC.

Does Tractor Supply Do Random Drug Testing?

Tractor Supply reserves the right to conduct random testing, but tests are required only in particular circumstances.

For example, drug testing may be required based on “Reasonable Suspicion” that an employee is coming to work under the influence of drugs.

Also, another situation where drug testing is required is when an accident occurs in the workplace that causes injuries to co-workers or customers, leading to medical treatment.

Moreover, refusal to take a drug test may result in losing benefits like medical insurance, and an employee who tests positive may be terminated.

However, the application of these policies also varies from state to state because each state has different laws.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test Before Employment?

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test Before Employment?

The official policy on a drug-free workplace at TSC states that wherever state laws allow it, pre-employment drug screening is required.

That said, anyone with a positive test for illegal drugs will not be hired.

In practice, however, job applicants report in online discussions that they were offered jobs at TSC without any drug testing.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Tractor Supply Do?

As you’ve seen, Tractor Supply hardly ever drug tests, and different employees report very different experiences.

For example, a discussion on Indeed showed that drug tests were limited to managers and assistant managers.

Likewise, when it comes to what kind of drug tests are used, there is no unanimity among employees.

With that, there are one or two reports of a swab test while another had to supply a urine sample. Still, a large number of employees reported that they werenever tested.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Texas?

Texas does not have any laws that regulate drug testing for private employers and leaves it to companies to set their own policies.

So, while the Tractor Supply Drug-Free Workplace Program policy is in effect in its Texas stores, the company doesdrug testing only rarely, if ever.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In North Carolina?

State laws in North Carolina allow employers to do random and post-accident drug testing. However, Tractor Supply rarely drug tests employees in the state.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Kentucky?

State laws in Kentucky allow companies to do drug testing of employees, but Tractor Supply hardly ever does so.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Tennessee?

Tennessee has a drug-free workplace program that employers can join voluntarily, but it does not require drug testing.

However, membership in the drug-free workplace program has particular benefits for employers, and it regulates the testing process.

Typically, Tractor Supply does not drug test its employees in Tennessee.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Ohio?

Ohio state laws allow Tractor Supply and other companies to drug test employees.

However, this happens very rarely, and many employees have never been drug tested or seen any tests carried out.

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Tractor Supply has a policy that states it is committed to a safe, productive, and drug-free workplace, including drug testing job applicants and current employees.

In practice, Tractor Supply rarely does drug tests and primarily does so only if an accident results in serious injury.

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