Does Tractor Supply Make Keys? (Car, Home, Office, Duplicate, Price + More)

You may have heard that people who live in the country leave their doors unlocked. However, that may be something of an urban legend, and canny country people do lock the doors on their homes, cars, offices, and even ATVs.

If you live in a rural area, you may have wondered if your go-to store, Tractor Supply, makes keys. I looked it up and found the answers for you about the matter!

Does Tractor Supply Make Keys In 2024?

Tractor Supply does not make keys, but many stores have self-service Minute Key kiosks where customers can copy home or office keys as of 2024. The Minute Key kiosks are easy to use and can copy home and office keys quickly. However, they cannot be used to copy car, motorcycle, ATV, or RV keys.

To find out more about how to copy keys at Tractor Supply and where to go to copy car and RV keys, carry on reading. You’ll find tons of helpful information here!

Can You Copy Keys At Tractor Supply?

Unlike many hardware stores and big retailers like Walmart, Tractor Supply does have an in-house key copying service.

However, many stores have self-service Minute Key kiosks located near the entrance. That said, customers can use these to make copies of home and office keys.

Fortunately, Minute Key kiosks are easy to use (I speak from experience), and the whole process takes just about five minutes.

Further, Minute Key automatically identifies your key and tells you whether or not it can be duplicated.

If the machine can copy it, you can follow the prompts on the screen and get your copies in minutes.

Also, Minute Key kiosks accept payment by credit and debit cards only. So, you will not be able to use cash or checks to pay for the keys.

Does Tractor Supply Make House Keys?

If you want to copy your home keys at Tractor Supply, you have to go the self-service route and use the Minute Key kiosks found in many stores near the entrance.

Then, you’ll be able to copy house keys of most of the commonly used types, including:

  • Kwikset (KW1 and KW10 keyways)
  • Schlage (SC1 keyways)
  • Weiser (WR3 and WR5 keyways)
  • Master Lock (M1 keyways)
  • Baldwin
  • Titan

In general, if a key says “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy,” you will not be able to copy the key.

Moreover, this means you cannot copy mailbox keys at Minute Key kiosks and will have to go to the Post Office to get them copied.

Does Tractor Supply Make Office Keys?

Tractor Supply does not copy keys for you, but you can make copies of office keys yourself at Tractor Supply stores with Minute Key kiosks.

Does Tractor Supply Make Car Keys?

Does Tractor Supply Make Car Keys?

The Minute Key kiosks at Tractor Supply can’t copy car keys. Therefore, you can go to a store like AutoZone to copy car keys.

Does Tractor Supply Make Motorcycle Keys?

Minute Key kiosks in Tractor Supply stores cannot copy motorcycle keys. So, if you need motorcycle keys copied, you’ll have to go to a dealership or a locksmith.

Does Tractor Supply Make ATV Keys?

Like car and motorcycle keys, you cannot copy ATV keys at a Minute Key kiosk at Tractor Supply. To copy ATV keys, you’ll have to go to a locksmith or dealership.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Keys At Tractor Supply?

Prices for copying keys vary due to several factors, but you can expect to pay between $1.49 to $3.99 for each key.

Where Can I Get Keys Copied?

If you need a full-service key copying service, you have quite a few options, including:

  • Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware
  • Large retailers like Walmart
  • Grocery stores like Safeway and Krogers
  • Local locksmiths
  • Auto parts stores like AutoZone
  • Post Office (for mailbox keys)
  • Dealerships for auto, motorcycle, ATV, and RV keys

What Are The Tractor Supply Key Copy Hours?

Typically, you’ll be able to use the Minute Key kiosks at Tractor Supply whenever the store is open.

With that, even though the kiosks are located near the entrance, you will not be able to access them when the store is closed.

To learn more, you can also read our related posts on whether or not Lowe’s makes keys, if Big Lots makes keys, and if AutoZone makes keys.


Tractor Supply doesn’t have its own key copying services, but many of its stores have self-service Minute Key kiosks near the entrance.

That said, the Minute Key kiosks can be used to copy home and office keys. To copy car, motorcycle, or ATV keys, you’ll have to go to an auto parts store, dealership, or locksmith.

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