Does Tractor Supply Recertify Propane Tanks? (All You Need To Know)

Portable propane tanks for RVs, campers, and barbecue grills make outdoor life much more convenient and enjoyable. Since Tractor Supply is your go-to store for outdoor supplies, you probably get your propane tank refilled there as well.

Therefore, you may have wondered if Tractor Supply can also recertify propane tanks on schedule as required for safety. We had the same question, and looked it up. Carry on reading for all the answers!

Does Tractor Supply Recertify Propane Tanks In 2024?

Tractor Supply does not recertify propane tanks though it will refill them and do a visual examination in 2024. To find a place to recertify propane tanks, you can check with local propane dealers and campgrounds. Furthermore, Propane tanks must be recertified 12 years after the date of manufacture and every 5 years thereafter.

To find out more about getting propane tanks recertified, read on. You’ll find all you need to know here!

Can You Get A Propane Tank Recertified At Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply will refill propane tanks of various sizes, but the store is not licensed to recertify propane tanks in accordance with state laws.

However, when refilling a propane tank, an employee will conduct a visual examination to check for signs of damage, including:

  • Signs of physical damage like dents, bulges, cracks, and cuts
  • Corrosion, rust, or pitting on the cylinder
  • Missing or damaged cylinder foot ring, neck ring (collar), or valve cover
  • A defective or leaking valve or pressure relief mechanism

If the visual examination reveals any problems, the cylinder cannot be refilled. It must be taken to a facility authorized by the USDOT to be repaired.

If you need a propane tank to be recertified as required by state laws, you have quite a few other options besides Tractor Supply.

Who Else Can Recertify Propane Tanks Near Me?

Safety is a major consideration when using propane tanks, and state laws require all propane cylinders to be recertified periodically.

Propane tanks have a lifetime of 12 years and must be recertified after that, then subsequently after every 5 years of use.

You can find information about where to get a propane tank recertified at most propane dealers and campgrounds.

Furthermore, many local propane dealers are also authorized to recertify cylinders.

One convenient location to get propane tanks recertified is AmeriGas. You can search their site for a location near you, and then call to make an appointment.

Another alternative is to go the Blue Rhino way and just swap out your old tank for a new one that’s full of gas and ready to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Propane Tank Recertified?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Propane Tank Recertified? Tractor

It costs anywhere between $30 to $60 to have a propane tank inspected and recertified.

How Do I Know If My Propane Tank Is Certified?

All propane tanks are stamped with a unique identifying number which can be found on the collar. Next to it, you’ll see the date of manufacture, in month/year format.

If the tank is over 12 years old, you should see the recertification stamp or sticker with the date when the tank was recertified.

Do ASME Propane Tanks Expire?

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) propane tanks are heavier and have been permanently mounted on RVs and motorhomes.

They don’t need to be recertified, however, they should be inspected regularly.

Does Blue Rhino Take Expired Tanks?

When a propane tank reaches a stage where it can no longer be recertified, it is considered to be expired and must be disposed of safely.

Most regular trash and recycling facilities cannot accept expired propane cylinders.

In case there is any gas left inside the cylinder, it could be hazardous to dispose of without the proper equipment.

Luckily, many local propane dealers will take an expired tank off your hands. Blue Rhino will also accept expired cylinders and recycle them for you free of charge.

Therefore, you can just leave your expired tank beside a Blue Rhino display at any store, and they’ll pick it up for disposal.

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Tractor Supply will refill propane tanks and do a visual examination for safety, but the company is not authorized to recertify them.

To get a propane tank recertified, you can ask a local propane dealer, almost all campgrounds, or look for an AmeriGas location nearby to do it for you.

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