Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

You’re used to relying on Tractor Supply for all your pet care needs, from food and toys to grooming stations.

For those times when your dog is feeling under the weather or has developed an infection, you may have wondered if Tractor Supply sells antibiotics for dogs. We looked it up and have all the answers you need. Carry on reading for the details!

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs In [currentyear]?

Tractor Supply does sell antibiotics for dogs in [currentyear]. Most antibiotics need a prescription from a veterinarian and are only sold online. Customers will have to fill out vet and prescription information at checkout, and this is verified before the order is shipped. Some over-the-counter antibiotics like topical ointments are sold in stores and without prescriptions.

To find out more about buying antibiotics for dogs at Tractor Supply, keep reading. You’ll find all you need to know here!

Can I Get Antibiotics for My Dog at Tractor Supply?

Pets are an important part of life in the countryside. To meet medical needs, Tractor Supply has a special Pet Pharmacy section for pets and livestock.

You can buy antibiotics for dogs at Tractor Supply. These include antibiotics for infections, inflammation, bronchitis, dermatitis, and many other conditions.

Most antibiotics sold at Tractor Supply need a prescription from a licensed veterinarian.

When you buy antibiotics for dogs online at Tractor Supply, you will have to enter your vet and prescription information at checkout.

This information is verified before the medications are shipped.

Antibiotics for dogs are available in the form of tablets, suspensions, capsules, oral drops, and powder.

Some of the antibiotics for dogs that you can buy with a prescription at Tractor Supply are:

  • Amoxicillin Clavulanate Potassium
  • Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim Oral Suspension
  • Metronidazole Tablets
  • Ketoconazole
  • Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Clavulanate Potassium Tablets
  • Zobuxa (Enrofloxacin) Flavored Antibacterial Tablets
  • Orbax Tablets
  • NAXCEL® Sterile Powder
  • Clindamycin

Antibiotics are typically sold by the tablet and are available online only. You can set up automatic recurring orders if necessary. Subscriptions get a discount of 5% on each order.

Keep in mind that prescription medicines for dogs are only sold online at Tractor Supply and not in-stores.

Further, Tractor Supply does not have the option for delivery to stores but must be shipped to your own address.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs Without a Prescription?

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs Without a Prescription?

Some antibiotics for dogs are sold at Tractor Supply without a prescription. For example, Terramycin, which is used to clear up eye infections, is sold in tablet and ointment form.

However, to buy most antibiotics for dogs at Tractor Supply, you will need a vet’s prescription.

This is to ensure that your pet’s problems are correctly diagnosed and the right antibiotics are prescribed.

If you need medical help and advice for your pet, you can call the Pet Pharmacy at (877) 583-2980, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

Can You Buy Antibiotics for Dogs Over the Counter?

While most antibiotics require a prescription from a veterinarian, some are sold over the counter.

In general, over-the-counter antibiotics should only be used for minor skin, ear, and eye infections.

For problems like stomach and throat infections, it’s better to make a trip to the vet and get your pet examined before getting a prescription for antibiotic treatment.

Even though it may be tempting at times to use your own prescription medications for your dog, especially for pain, allergies, and skin rashes, this is not a good idea.

Human medications should never be used for dogs or cats. One reason is that the dosage and strength of antibiotics for humans are different, and they are too strong for pets.

Human medications also contain many ingredients that can be harmful and dangerous to pets.

Further, some antibiotics like ciprofloxacin, amoxicillin, and tetracycline are available over the counter to treat bacterial diseases in fish.

However, these should also never be used for dogs.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs with Allergies?

Tractor Supply does sell antibiotics for dogs for allergies. These include topical ointments, creams, and sprays, as well as oral medications like tablets and capsules.

However, most antibiotics for dogs do need a prescription from a veterinarian.

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You can buy antibiotics for dogs at Tractor Supply. Most of these will need a vet’s prescription and can be bought only online. Some antibiotics like skin ointments are sold over the counter and can be bought in stores as well as online.

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