Does Tractor Supply Sell Rabbits? (Try This Instead)

If you’re interested in getting a rabbit and don’t know where to buy one, you might be wondering if your local Tractor Supply store sells them, and the supplies for them?

We looked it up, so keep reading to find what we’ve discovered!

Does Tractor Supply Sell Rabbits In [currentyear]?

Tractor Supply does not sell rabbits due to concerns about the treatment of the animals by owners after the first wave of enthusiasm has passed as of [currentyear]. Animal rights groups have also petitioned to stop the sale of rabbits in stores and Tractor Supply has heeded these appeals. However, you can adopt one from a shelter or rescue organization.

To find out more about why Tractor Supply doesn’t sell rabbits, how to care for pet rabbits, and where to get one, read on!

Can I Buy Rabbits At Tractor Supply?

You cannot buy rabbits at Tractor Supply, though you can buy food and other supplies for rabbits in its stores and online.

Tractor Supply stopped selling rabbits due to concerns about the mistreatment of the animals by people who were not prepared for the responsibility of pet ownership.

Why Doesn’t Tractor Supply Sell Rabbits?

As we noted above, Tractor Supply stopped selling rabbits because of concerns for the animals’ welfare.

Experience showed that customers who bought rabbits as pets abandoned or neglected them when they found them more troublesome than expected.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Rabbits?

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rabbits?

How much you can expect to pay for a rabbit depends on the breed and also on where you get your rabbit.

Usually, it will cost the least to get a rabbit from a shelter or 4H and a little more to buy one at a pet store. Buying a rabbit from a breeder is the most expensive option.

These are some typical prices you can expect to pay:

  • Shelter, fair or 4H: $5-20
  • Pet store: $20-40
  • Breeder: up to $100

Keep in mind that there will be other expenses such as buying and setting up a hutch or cage, bedding, feed, toys, treats, and veterinary care.

What Stores Sell Rabbits?

Rural King does sell rabbits as well as rabbit supplies. However, animal rights groups continue to be concerned about the welfare of rabbits on sale in their stores.

Furthermore, Orscheln stores also sell rabbits and rabbit supplies.

However, Petco does not sell rabbits, though it does sell all rabbit supplies and food.

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Tractor Supply does not sell rabbits, though they do sell all the supplies that you will need for a pet rabbit.

Additionally, it is a better option to get a rabbit from a shelter or rescue organization than to buy one in a store.

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