Does Uber Take Apple Pay? (All You Need to Know)

Uber promises to give its users convenience in the form of on-demand rides to and from anywhere, and whenever they want them.

So, in its mission to follow through, the service accepts several different payment methods to cater to more users. That being said, if you’re wondering whether Apple Pay is one of the options available on Uber, read on for more facts!

Does Uber Take Apple Pay in [currentyear]?

Uber takes Apple Pay and has since 2014. You can add Apple Pay to your payment methods on Uber before or during checkout just like you would any other supported method. Apple Pay is available on Uber when you’re using a supported Apple device like an iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch in [currentyear].

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about using Apple Pay on Uber, including how to add and remove it, alternative payment methods, and more!

How to Use Apple Pay On Uber

If you have an active Apple Pay wallet on your device where you’ve downloaded the Uber app, it’s going to be added as a payment option.

You can confirm this by going to your payment options in the app and then looking for the Apple Pay logo.

To use Apple Pay on your Uber account, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your trip as usual – enter the pickup and dropoff locations, then select the ride type
  2. Tap the default payment option if it isn’t Apple Pay
  3. When the menu opens up, select Apple Pay
  4. Complete the request

How Does Apple Pay Work On Uber?

Apple Pay on Uber works the same way it does on other apps – you can use it at checkout to pay with the balance in linked credit and debit cards or your Apple Cash.

Apple Pay is only available on iOS devices, but this includes a wide variety that gives you more flexibility as to which platform you can use.

Apple Pay is available on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Apple Watches, online with Safari, and other devices/platforms from Apple.

If you’re signed in to different devices with the same Apple ID, you can approve payments on Uber more seamlessly.

For example, if you ordered a ride from your iPad, you could pay for it after you leave the house from your Apple Watch.

For security, payment requires verification through methods such as Touch ID, your passcode, or Face ID.

Can I Use Apple Pay to Buy Uber Cash?

Can I Use Apple Pay to Buy Uber Cash?

You can use Apple Pay to buy Uber Cash by following these steps:

  1. When signed in to both services, open the Uber menu from the top left corner of the app
  2. Select “Wallet”
  3. Select “Add funds”
  4. Enter the amount you want to buy
  5. Click on “Payment method” and select Apple Pay
  6. Click on “Purchase” to complete the process

Can I Split Uber Fare When Using Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, you can’t split Uber fares when using Apple Pay.

As of now, Apple Pay only lets you split purchases into installments under a buy now pay later model, as opposed to letting you split between friends.

Even if Apple Pay had this feature, Uber has announced that it’s taking away the ability to split fares in the app.

Therefore, this means that you can only split fares using other payment options and you’d need to do it off the Uber platform.

One way to do this would be to pay for the trip and then have the others reimburse you the money through Apple Cash or send requests through other services like Venmo and Cash App.

Do I Need Apple Pay for Uber?

You don’t need Apple Pay for Uber; rather, it’s an optional payment method and you can still use the service if you don’t have it.

Even after you’ve already added Apple Pay to your account, you can switch to a different payment option and set it as the default if you want.

However, using Apple Pay on Uber gives you certain perks, such as 3% cash back when you pay for rides using your Apple Card.

Where Is Apple Pay Available?

Apple Pay is available throughout the country, as well as Canada, so you should be covered if you’re traveling domestically.

Internationally, however, Apple Pay isn’t available everywhere, so you should look at the official list of countries where the service has launched.

Which Payment Options Does Uber Accept?

Aside from Apple Pay, Uber also accepts the following payment options:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. Gift cards
  4. Google Pay
  5. Paypal
  6. Venmo
  7. Cash

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Uber takes Apple Pay, and you don’t have to add it yourself because it’s done automatically if you’re signed in. You can’t split fares for an Uber ride with Apple Pay, but you can use it to buy Apple Cash.

If you don’t have Apple Pay, Uber also takes credit and debit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay, gift cards, and cash.

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