What Is Uber Connect? (All You Need to Know)

Ever since Uber launched, it has gone on to introduce other services that make use of its large network of drivers.

One of these services is Uber Connect. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received as much press as other services from the company so we came up with this in-depth guide!

What Is Uber Connect In [currentyear]?

Uber Connect is a same-day delivery service from Uber in [currentyear]. Uber Connect works a lot like Uber but instead of passengers, the driver transports packages. Uber launched Connect in 2020 to encourage customers to send packages faster and more conveniently without having to leave their homes. Uber Connect is available in several markets where it didn’t receive much promotion.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Uber Connect, including how it works, where it’s available, and more!

What Can I Send With Uber Connect?

You can send several types of items with Uber Connect as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. They’re not worth more than $100 per trip
  2. They don’t weigh more than 30 pounds
  3. They can fit inside the trunk of a midsize car

Going by these requirements, you could send a lot of things through Uber Connect because it covers a lot of items that people regularly transport inside their cars.

Examples include backpacks, care packages, wrapped birthday gifts, documents, clothes intended for donation, and more.

What Can’t I Send With Uber Connect?

Uber Connect cannot send the following items:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Prescription medication
  3. Recreational drugs
  4. Illegal items
  5. Dangerous items

Uber Connect can’t be used to transport alcohol, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances because those usually require a special license.

Even with these restrictions, though, we’ve found reports of customers attempting to send drugs through Uber Connect, but we strongly advise against this as it’s likely a felony.

What you can and can’t send through Uber Connect ultimately comes down to the kind of driver you get.

If you land on one that won’t look inside your package and is willing to go above the requirements we’ve listed above, then you can send pretty much anything through Uber Connect as long as it fits inside the car.

Is Uber Connect Safe?

Uber Connect is safe in the way that the main Uber service is; it’s safe for the most part, but there’s a chance of running into a driver that doesn’t fit this bill.

In our research, we’ve found instances of Uber Connect drivers keeping the packages they were supposed to deliver without telling the customers.

In cases like these, there’s little you can do because the fine print for the service says that Uber does not cover damage, loss, or theft of a package.

For this reason, while we say that Uber Connect is safe, you should limit it to things that aren’t too valuable or irreplaceable just in case.

Is Uber Connect for Passengers?

Is Uber Connect for Passengers?

Uber Connect is for parcels and is not intended for passengers. It’s primarily a shipping service that you can use to transport goods to a different location and not a category of rides.

Again, it comes down to the kind of driver you get because it’s not unheard of for people to request Uber Connect for rides because it’s cheaper.

How Do I Use Uber Connect?

You use Uber Connect just like you would the normal ride option:

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter your pickup and dropoff location
  3. When you get to the ride options, select Connect
  4. Enter any special instructions for the driver then request a ride
  5. When the driver gets to your address, load the package into their vehicle and confirm that they’ve received your special instructions
  6. Alert the person at the dropoff point that’s supposed to receive the package

If the driver is unable to deliver the package, e.g. because the recipient was unavailable, they are instructed to contact you and try to get it back to you or resolve the issue in a different way.

Is Uber Connect Available Everywhere?

Uber Connect still isn’t available everywhere but it might be available in your area without you realizing it.

Uber Connect was launched in a couple of cities in the US, and it has since expanded to several markets across the world, but a lot of sources still say it’s only available in a few areas.

However, the service hasn’t had as big a push as other products from Uber such as Uber Eats, meaning people in the regions where it’s available might not be aware that it even exists.

To check whether Uber Connect works in your area, you would need to look for it alongside the usual ride options like Uber X and Assist.

Can I Use Uber Connect to Pick up a Package?

You can use Uber Connect to pick up a package.

We’re not entirely certain that this is something the company intended, but customers have successfully gotten drivers to collect something and deliver it to their location.

This is something that would be easier for items that don’t require identification or verification and aren’t sensitive.

For example, getting the driver to pick up your food from a restaurant would be easier than getting them to pick up a government-issued document.

Is Uber Connect Worth It?

Whether or not Uber Connect is worth it comes down to your needs, specifically what you want to send and how fast you need it to get to the destination.

Some of the advantages of Uber Connect include:

  1. It’s always same-day delivery
  2. It doesn’t require postage
  3. You can send the package straight from your location
  4. It’s available on-demand and every day

Uber Connect also uses Uber’s pricing model with prices that often aren’t too different, meaning that the charges go up the farther the distance and you’re also going to have to deal with surges.

If the parcel has to go a long distance to reach the recipient, but you don’t need it to get there immediately, you’re probably better off using a traditional delivery service.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Uber X, Uber Fleet, and Uber Eats service fee.


Uber Connect is a package delivery service from Uber that uses its existing network of drivers. It was released in the US in 2020 but has expanded to several other markets.

Uber Connect is intended for packages that are worth less than $100, weigh less than 30 pounds, and fit into the trunk of a midsize vehicle. You can’t send alcohol, prescription medication, recreational drugs, and/or dangerous or illegal items through Uber Connect.

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