Does UPS Deliver To Hawaii? (All You Need To Know)

Several shipping companies offer coverage across the 48 contiguous US states but its service becomes less reliable in places like Hawaii that fall outside of this range. So, does UPS deliver to Hawaii?

As one of the largest shippers in the country, UPS is the preferred choice for many people and companies so read on to learn what we found!

Does UPS Deliver To Hawaii In 2024?

UPS delivers to Hawaii and most parts of the world in 2024. Furthermore, most shipping options from UPS are available in Hawaii but some might have a few limitations. Furthermore, UPS Next Day Air is restricted to only certain parts of Hawaii. Additionally, UPS will also deliver on weekends under some of its shipping options.

Read on to learn all you need to know about using UPS to ship to Hawaii, including how long it takes, how much it costs, and more!

How Much Is Shipping To Hawaii Via UPS?

It’s difficult to say how much you would pay to ship something to Hawaii via UPS because you would get charged depending on the weight and size of your package.

There are also different rates depending on the UPS service you pick. For example, using UPS Next Day Air would cost more than using UPS Ground.

Furthermore, shipping fees could be as low as about $30 for letters to as high as over $1,000 so you might want to use the official Alaska and Hawaii rate and service guide to find out.

You can also use the online estimator to get an estimate of how much your shipping cost will be.

How Long Does UPS Take To Ship To Hawaii?

UPS takes between 1 and 5 days to ship to Hawaii when you use the standard Ground Shipping option.

We used an estimator to check how long it would take to ship to Hawaii from different US states and territories via Ground and found that it’s 1 to 5 days in nearly all cases.

According to the results we got, shipping to Hawaii from Puerto Rico would take the longest, at an estimated 7 days.

Additionally, you can get packages delivered to Hawaii faster using UPS Next Day Air, which is available at a higher rate but will get your shipment done within the next business day.

Does UPS Ship From Hawaii?

Does UPS Ship From Hawaii? UPS

UPS ships from Hawaii and has locations in the following places:

  1. Ewa Beach
  2. Haleiwa
  3. Hauula
  4. Hilo
  5. Honolulu
  6. Kahului
  7. Kailua Kona
  8. Kamuela
  9. Kapaa
  10. Kapolei
  11. Kihei
  12. Lahaina
  13. Lihue
  14. Makawao
  15. Mililani
  16. Pahoa
  17. Pearl City
  18. Princeville
  19. Wailuku

Does UPS Freight Ship To Hawaii?

UPS Freight will ship to and from Hawaii, handling very large packages within the regular delivery times.

Most of Hawaii’s UPS locations offer the following Freight services:

  1. Packing services – since Freight deals with large items, these services include packaging them using pallets, crates, shrink wrap, and blanket wraps
  2. Local pickup – you provide some information on the item including its value and weight, origin and destination addresses, and more then they’ll pick it up from you
  3. End 2 End Freight – they’ll unpack and set up your item, and get rid of any leftover packaging debris for you

Can UPS Ground Deliver To Hawaii?

UPS Ground can deliver to Hawaii and it’s usually the default option used to send packages to the state.

Therefore, when using UPS Ground to ship to or from Hawaii, shipping will usually take between 1 and 5 days.

Does UPS Deliver On Weekends To Hawaii?

UPS will deliver on weekends to Hawaii but only to select locations and at a higher fee than usual.

Therefore, you will have to specify this option because it’s not available by default.

How Do UPS Packages Get To Hawaii?

UPS packages get to Hawaii through a variety of different ways depending on the option you pick for shipping and how fast you want it to be delivered.

For example, if you use standard UPS Ground shipping, your package will get to Hawaii first by road until the west coast from where it’s flown over the Pacific and out to the state.

If you opt for UPS Next Day Air, then your package will be delivered by plane all the way so it gets to its destination as fast as possible.

No matter which option you choose, shipping to Hawaii is more expensive than shipping to other states because of the point in transit where your package has to get across the Pacific Ocean.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on what is the UPS, UPS delivered to wrong address, and UPS complaints.


UPS will ship to and from Hawaii within 1 to 5 days but you also have the option for Next Day Air which can deliver your packages within the next business day. UPS Freight will also ship large packages to Hawaii within the normal delivery window.

UPS packages get to Hawaii either through road and air when they reach the west coast or by air all the way when you choose faster shipping options. Furthermore, shipping to Hawaii using UPS is charged at different rates but it could easily go over $1,000 in some cases.

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