Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain? (Waterproof Packaging, Outside + More)

UPS makes a point to let it’s customers know that their packages will be delivered as fast as possible, which means making deliveries rain or shine.

So, when it’s raining, will UPS leave your package outside in the rain, and what do you need to know about deliveries that are made in not-so-sunny weather? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain In 2024?

UPS delivers packages even when it’s raining outside- your driver will look for a covered area to leave your package and/or use plastic bags to cover any packages in 2024. Drivers will deliver in all weather except severe weather, such as extreme icy conditions. UPS packages are not waterproof, but the bags they use to protect them are.

While it’s usually awesome that UPS delivers, even in rainy conditions, there are certainly issues that can arise, so be sure to keep reading so you can learn how to protect your packages!

Does UPS Deliver in Bad Weather?

The shipping industry is incredibly competitive, with different companies all trying to be the fastest, most reliable, and cheapest option for shipping packages.

This means that many companies, UPS included, make extra efforts to continue deliveries regardless of the weather.

The only reason UPS won’t deliver due to a weather-related condition is if the weather is hazardous to the point of being life-threatening.

Some examples of weather conditions that will cause UPS to halt deliveries for the day are as follows:

  • Tornado warnings, watches, or advisories
  • Hurricane warnings, watches, or advisories
  • Blizzards
  • Severe icy conditions
  • Extreme temperatures posing risks, such as heat stroke or frostbite
  • Various natural disasters, such as wildfires or earthquakes

Conversely, here are some examples of bad weather that UPS does deliver in:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Hail (small hail storms, provided they don’t affect driver safety too much)
  • Fog

If the weather forecast is predicting harsh conditions, UPS drivers are prepared.

When UPS drivers are hired, they undergo intense training to help prepare them for inclement weather.

One training program is called the “slip and fall” station, which helps teach drivers how to properly walk on ice.

UPS drivers are also given tools such as plastic bags and weather-proof windbreakers to help protect them and their packages from less than ideal weather conditions.

If you’re experiencing inclement weather in your area, and are unsure whether or not UPS deliveries will continue as scheduled, you can check the UPS Service Alerts page by visiting this link, or by using your tracking number to see if there are any delivery exceptions.

Are UPS Packages Waterproof?

Are UPS Packages Waterproof?

Most UPS packages are packed in corrugated, sturdy cardboard boxes that are intended to withstand the wear and tear that occurs in transport.

So, how do these boxes hold up when exposed to moisture?

Well, even the toughest of cardboard boxes aren’t waterproof, and UPS packaging is no exception.

However, UPS drivers take extra precautions in wet conditions to help avoid damaging your package and it’s contents.

When the forecast suggests inclement weather, all UPS drivers hit the road with a roll of waterproof plastic bags that are approximately the size of large garbage bags.

Any packages that are being delivered to uncovered porches or anywhere where the rain or snow may get to them will be put in these clear bags.

If your porch is covered, or the UPS driver finds an adequate alternative that still keeps your package dry, they’ll usually opt to skip the bag in case they need it later on their route.

If your package is unable to be wrapped in these plastic bags, what happens next is largely up to the discretion of your courier.

According to popular online forums used by UPS personnel, like Brown Cafe, there are some conflicting opinions between drivers about how these situations should be handled.

Some drivers will leave the package regardless of the weather, citing that if rain is in the forecast, it was up to the recipient to be there to provide a space for their oversized packages.

In contrast, some drivers say that they’ll leave a delivery notice.

This will inform the recipient that they didn’t leave the package due to potential damage from poor weather, but that they’ll attempt to deliver them again the following day.

Other drivers say they’d call their supervisor at the UPS center for guidance.

All in all, if you are expecting to receive any packages that cannot fit in a garbage bag on days with poor weather forecasted, it’s best to be around to accept the package or risk damage.

How Can I Protect My Packages in the Rain?

While your local UPS courier will do their best to protect your package from poor weather conditions, there are some things you can do to help make their job easy and ensure that your package is protected!

One strategy for protecting your package is leaving specific instructions for inclement weather conditions under the ‘delivery notes’ section of your package.

For example, you can leave a note that says: “In case it’s raining or my package is in danger of getting wet, please put it underneath the porch furniture closest to the front door.”

You can also request that your courier hold onto the package and leave a delivery notice in it’s place if there’s no way for them to bag it or stash it out of the rain.

This article makes another great suggestion: visit your local hardware store and pick up a large, plastic storage container to keep on your porch!

You can either leave a note on the box itself, or better yet, let your driver know via delivery instructions that they can put your packages in this box.

Using a storage box for packages has two main advantages: not only do they protect your package(s) from the elements, but it also makes it less likely for your package to be stolen

If you want to know more, you can also read our posts on UPS shipping restrictions, if UPS delivers on Saturdays, and if UPS delivers to door.


UPS delivers in most inclement weather conditions, except those that are hazardous to the point of being life-threatening- because of this, it’s not uncommon for packages to be delivered in poor weather.

Most UPS drivers do everything in their power to help protect your package from damage from the elements, including finding a covered place to leave it or using waterproof bags to protect your package before delivery.

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