Does UPS Take Apple Pay? (You’ll Be Surprised)

Apple Pay was a hit when it was released in late 2014, and has since become ingrained in modern culture, due to the ease and security it provides.

So, does UPS take Apple Pay, and what do you need to know about it? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does UPS Take Apple Pay In [currentyear]?

UPS does take Apple Pay in [currentyear]. However, it’s only accepted in certain circumstances. If you’re paying for services through the UPS app, you can use Apple Pay. The UPS Store doesn’t typically take Apple Pay, though this varies between locations. However, you can use Apple Pay online if you’re using iOS/macOS software, or on certain websites.

If you’re interested in using Apple Pay for your next UPS purchase, or just want to better understand how the relationship between UPS and Apple Pay works, read on for more facts!

UPS does accept Apple Pay,  but there are limited circumstances in which it is accepted.

The most common way Apple Pay is accepted by UPS is through the UPS app for iOS devices, which you can download from the Apple Store here.

Because the UPS app for Apple is already formatted to iOS technology, Apple Pay can be used like any other payment method for purchasing UPS services.

This is not always the case when you’re trying to make UPS purchases anywhere other than the Apple UPS app, however.

Does the UPS Store Take Apple Pay?

Does the UPS Store Take Apple Pay?

Physical UPS locations, such as the UPS Store, commonly do not take Apple Pay.

This is because many UPS Stores are franchises, which means that they are individually owned and operated, and are only held to a very loose level of standardization.

If you’re interested in finding out whether your UPS Store allows Apple Pay to be used in-store, you can find the closest location to you by using the Store Locator page here.

After finding your local store, you can choose to email or call to inquire about accepted payment methods, or you can pay the store a visit in person.

Can You Use Apple Pay Online for UPS?

Apple Pay online is only available for iOS or macOS Sierra software, and on participating websites.

While UPS is not technically a “participating website,” you can make purchases from UPS online if you are using approved Apple software.

This means you must be accessing the UPS website from an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac in order to make an online purchase using Apple Pay.

On Macs with a Touch Bar, your purchase can be verified using your fingerprint with Touch ID.

On other Macs/devices, your use of Apple Pay is verified by the device’s connection to an Apple Watch or iPhone, which is then authorized using Face ID or Touch ID.

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UPS takes Apple Pay in certain circumstances, like if you are making a purchase on an Apple device or through the UPS app on the Apple Store.

The UPS Store may or may not accept Apple Pay depending on the location, mostly because UPS Stores are franchises, which means they are independently owned and operated.

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