Does USPS Ship To France? (All You Need To Know)

Despite the agency being called the United States Postal Service, customers have been sending mail abroad for decades using this courier.

But, you might wonder whether or not USPS ships to France or not. I was wondering about the same thing, so I looked into the matter more in-depth. That said, here’s everything I discovered!

Does USPS Ship To France In 2024?

The United States Postal Service ships mail to France as one of its 180 eligible international destinations as of 2024. Customers can choose from various international shipping services, and France is one of the destinations eligible for Priority Mail Express International with Money-Back Guarantee Service.

You probably have a lot more questions, like how you even begin to ship mail to France, how much it will cost, how long it could take, and more. Keep reading because I’ve included all you need to know!

How Do You Send Mail To France Using USPS?

Sending mail internationally using the Postal Service is a somewhat formulaic process overall.

First, if you send a postcard or standard envelope to France, ensure the card or envelope weighs less than one ounce.

If it is, you only need one Global First-Class Forever Stamp, which only costs $1.30. But, say you want to send a gift; let’s go through the steps for sending a parcel to France.

Choose Your Service

The options to mail a parcel to France are:

  • Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)

This service is the fastest (one to three days) and the most expensive. Also, GXG gives you your money back if the parcel isn’t in the recipient’s hands by the correct date and time.

  • Priority Mail Express International

This service is the next-fastest (three to five days), and lucky for you, France is on the list of money-back guarantee eligible countries for Priority Express International.

  • Priority Mail International

The second-slowest service, this is a great mid-range price point, with reasonable delivery dates (six to ten days) for those not in a huge hurry.

A major bonus, Priority Mail International offers Flat-Rate shipping boxes that start at less than $30.

  • First-Class Package International

The slowest and cheapest option available for packages over one pound but under four pounds qualify for First-Class International, which starts at less than $15.

For the smaller price tag, you’re also paying for mail that’s not being rushed to its destination. However, it could be weeks until it reaches the recipient in France.

Prepare Your Shipment

Prepare Your Shipment USPS

Ensure that whatever you’re sending is on neither France’s nor the US’s prohibited items list first.

Package up your box, taking extra care with fragile items, as you cannot count on parcels being treated gently.

Make sure you seal the package tightly, too, because you don’t want that thing bursting open en route across the ocean!

Print Label

You can print your label at home (if you have a printer) using’s Click-N-Ship service.

Or, you can take your box into the Post Office and print the label with the assistant at the counter clerk.

Either way, you’ll have to fill out a customs form, so make sure you can detail every item in the box with an estimated value.

Also, note that you’re responsible for any duties or taxes applicable in France.

Send It Off

You can arrange for a package pick-up, have your mail carrier take it on their daily route, or even drop it off in a Postal street bin.

Additionally, you can drop it off at the Post Office or hand it to a counter clerk.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship USPS To France?

The cost to determine international shipping rates depends on the service you choose, the parcel’s weight, and the distance.

Let’s break down the prices for each service, including the cheapest option (usually a flat-rate box) up to the most expensive (the max weight is 70 or 66 pounds).

  • Global Express Guaranteed: Starts at $87.05, up to $517.65
  • Priority Express International Flat-Rate Envelope: $66.95
  • Priority Express International: Starts at $66.80, up to $307.85
  • Priority Mail International Flat-Rate: Starts at $38.20, up to $105.15
  • Priority Mail International: Starts at $50.25, up to $277.40
  • First-Class Mail International: $1.30 (letters and postcards)
  • First-Class Package International: $14.50, up to $55.50

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Package USPS To France?

Depending on what service you choose to ship via USPS, it can take anywhere from one day (GXG) to a few weeks, with the slowest option, First-Class International.

Luckily, with GXG and Priority Mail Express International, you ship with a money-back guarantee that it will reach the destination by the given date/time or get a refund.

Does USPS Tracking Work In France?

USPS tracking is available for all the above services (except First-Class letter mail), but the details get vaguer once it reaches France.

According to an article (albeit from 2013) on the USPS website, tracking in France includes the date and time of arrival into France and then delivery.

What Carrier Does USPS Use In France?

Once USPS mail makes it through customs upon arrival in France, it is commonly handed over to La Poste, France’s mail service.

Then, La Poste delivers the mailpiece to its final destination.

If you want to know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not USPS ships to Japan, if USPS ships to Germany, and if USPS ships to Australia.


USPS is a reasonably affordable international shipper to France, with delivery as fast as one to three days for premium service.

Also, customers should ensure that they have fully completed their customs forms and double-check that they’re not mailing anything prohibited by either France or the US.

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