Does USPS Ship To Japan? (All You Need To Know)

USPS ships to over 180 countries worldwide and is responsible for handling nearly 43% of the world’s mail at one point or another.

So, you might be asking, does USPS ship to Japan? And, if so, what do you need to know if you’re sending a package to Japan? I’ve looked into the matter, and here’s everything I found out!

Does USPS Ship To Japan In [currentyear]?

USPS does ship packages to Japan as of [currentyear]. There are three primary shipping services: Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, and Priority Mail International to ship a package to Japan. Global Express Guaranteed is the most expensive yet fastest shipping option, and Priority Mail International is the least costly yet slowest shipping option.

If you’re considering using USPS the next time you ship a package to Japan, be sure to read on to see key comparisons between price and delivery time, as well as some helpful tips and tricks!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A USPS Package To Japan?

Because USPS is a federally owned and operated organization, its shipping costs vary depending on the weight, dimensions, and overall distance traveled of a package.

Therefore, to calculate a price estimate for each shipping service, we must have all the variables.

First, we know that the package is traveling from the United States to Japan, so we have our distance.

Next, if we assume the package weighs about five pounds and has average dimensions, we can put together some approximate price points.

So, if you ship a five-pound, normally-sized package from the United States to Japan using Global Express Guaranteed, you can expect to spend about $135 on shipping.

However, shipping the same package from the United States to Japan using Priority Mail Express International comes at a lower price of just under $95.

Finally, if you were to ship a five-pound package from the United States to Japan using Priority Mail International, you could expect to pay about $72 to cover shipping costs.

Based on these numbers, the least expensive option available through USPS would be the Priority Mail International shipping service.

How Long Does It Take USPS To Ship To Japan?

How Long Does It Take USPS To Ship To Japan?

The time it takes for a package to be delivered in Japan depends on many factors.

First and foremost, the shipping service used to ship the package plays the most prominent part in its arrival time.

Global Express Guaranteed, the hybrid shipping service USPS offers with FedEx for international shipping, delivers in about one to three business days to many major markets.

Then, Priority Mail Express International delivers within three to five business days, which is still pretty quick for international shipping.

Finally, we have Priority Mail International, which delivers in approximately six to ten business days to most major markets.

That said, this means that Priority Mail International is likely the best choice for a non-urgent package that you’re looking to save a little money on in the shipping process.

Also, Global Express Guaranteed may be the most expensive shipping service USPS offers, but it’s the fastest, meaning it’s perfect for more urgent packages.

Additionally, it’s important to note that while approximate delivery windows aren’t inaccurate, they aren’t guaranteed either.

Japan is quite a ways away from the United States, and any number of things can delay your package from arriving in the stated delivery window.

For example, some things that can delay your package are inclement weather, poor labeling, not including the correct tax information, or attempting to ship restricted or prohibited items.

Will My USPS Package To Japan Go Through Customs?

All packages sent from outside the country must go through the Customs Department, which may delay your package further.

If you experience a delay, most customs-related delays only last one to two days.

Still, in some cases, delays last much longer if your package is suspicious, contains something illegal, or doesn’t have the correct label/tax information attached.

Then, once your package gets to the Japanese Customs Department, USPS no longer has possession of your package.

Instead, your package is given to the Japan Post for the last leg of the journey. That said, the Japan Post completes the chain of custody by delivering your parcel to its final destination.

Suppose the Japan Post is having difficulty keeping up with packages, is particularly busy or understaffed, or simply isn’t familiar with the area you’re trying to deliver to.

In that case, this can result in further delays.

Once Japan Post has your package, your USPS tracking number won’t work on the USPS website anymore. Instead, it will only work up until your package makes it to customs.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t track your package.

Can You Track A USPS Package While It’s In Japan?

Yes, you can track a USPS package while it’s in Japan by using either the Japan Post tracking number or your original USPS tracking number.

While putting the original tracking number into the USPS website won’t work, there are other websites available that aim to help keep track of your package for you.

If USPS emails you a Japan Post tracking number once your package is out of customs, you can type it into the search bar at the top of this page of the TrackingMore website to see where your package is in transit.

Suppose you do not happen to have a Japan Post tracking number.

In that case, you can always enter your original tracking number on this page on, which will give you all available information if the package is still being scanned.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also check our posts on whether or not USPS ships to Canada, if USPS ships to Hong Kong, and the USPS shipping restrictions.


Thankfully, USPS ships to Japan, using services like Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, and Priority Mail International.

Further, Global Express Guaranteed is a hybrid shipping service that USPS offers in partnership with FedEx. In addition, it is the most expensive shipping option and the fastest.

Also, USPS Priority Mail International is the best option if you’re looking to save money. However, it’s the slowest, with a delivery time of six to ten business days.

While you can’t track your package once it’s in Japan using the USPS website, there are third-party sites that allow you to keep an eye on your package even once it’s out of Japanese customs.

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