Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens? (iPhone, Android + More)

If you have Verizon and recently damaged your phone screen, perhaps you’re wondering if Verizon fixes phone screens for its plan members.

If so, keep reading for all you need to know about whether or not Verizon fixes phone screens and what the cost for those fixes would be!

Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens In 2024?

Verizon fixes phone screens on certain iOS and Android devices, including the newest Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models in 2024. Verizon will fix cracked front glass phone screens, but does not repair damage to the backside of the phone. Furthermore, signing up for Verizon phone insurance allows you to avoid costly fees associated with broken phone screens.

Are you looking for more information about how the Verizon phone screen repair works and where you can go to get your screen fixed? If so, continue reading to find out those answers!

What Phone Screen Damage Will Verizon Fix?

Verizon will typically only fix screen damage to the front of the phone, such as cracks within the front glass.

Therefore, if your phone has damage to the backside, then your best bet is to take the phone to a screen repair shop, as those establishments are best suited to deal with other types of damage.

Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens in Store Locations?

Verizon can fix some phone screen cracks in-store, but only if you have certain devices and live within certain cities in the United States.

Specifically, there are Verizon stores that offer same-day cracked screen repair in over 220 cities within 34 states and Washington, DC.

Do You Have to Make an Appointment to Go to Verizon?

You don’t need an appointment to walk into Verizon for phone screen fixes, but it’s a good idea to do so to prevent waiting in line all day.

As well, making an appointment allows you to ensure that someone will be at the store that can fix your phone screen.

It also allows you to make sure your device is eligible beforehand, since Verizon only fixes phone screens of specific makes and models, such as Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices.

How Does Verizon Screen Repair Work?

How Does Verizon Screen Repair Work?

Customers that have Verizon phone insurance will begin the screen repair process by filing a claim on Asurion’s website after ensuring that their device is eligible for repair.

Additionally, you can call Asurion or file the claim through My Verizon, but to file the claim, you need to be the account owner or manager and have your Verizon account PIN.

You have access to unlimited cracked screen repair claims through Verizon insurance, and each claim will only cost the Asurion deductible of $29 for Verizon to fix phone screens.

Also, you may be given a few different options as to how your phone screen will be fixed, which could include the following:

  • Taking your phone to an authorized location for repair
  • An Asurion-certified technician coming to your location
  • Sending your phone in through the mail for screen repair

However, if your phone has damage to internal components, LCDs, or the phone housing unit, the smartphone may be ineligible for screen repair.

How Long Will it Take for Verizon to Fix Phone Screens?

The time it’ll take to fix your phone will depend on which of the above repair options you have available to you, with mail-in taking the longest amount of time.

Additionally, the timeframe will depend on how quickly the Asurion claim is approved, which could be the same day or several days later.

As well, the time it takes for Verizon to fix your phone screen will also depend on the availability of Asurion-certified technicians available within your area.

You can find out all of the coverage details by looking through the device protection brochure, which goes into detail about covered claims and eligibility criteria for various phone malfunctions.

What is the Cost for Verizon to Fix Phone Screens?

As long as your phone screen can be fixed and you have Verizon insurance, you’ll only pay $29 each time that your phone screen is damaged.

Therefore, it’s worth the money to obtain phone insurance to give you peace of mind, and if the screen is beyond repair, Verizon will offer you a replacement device, oftentimes on the same day.

Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens Without Insurance?

While you don’t need to have Verizon Protect or Total Mobile Protection insurance for the company to fix your phone, device protection is the best way to avoid outlandish fees.

However, not every Verizon store will fix phone screens without insurance, so you’d have to call your local store to ask and see if they’d be willing to work on uninsured devices and get the cost.

Moreover, if you don’t have one of the Verizon phone insurance plans, you’re not going to get your phone repaired quickly, since those with insurance take priority with the same-day repair.

To illustrate the importance of insurance, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 to fix phone screens depending on whether you have iOS or Android and how old your device is. Therefore, the purchase of insurance is worth considering in the long run.

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Verizon fixes phone screens on eligible smartphones, including Samsung, although the company will only fix damage to the front screen and will not repair back glass damage.

Therefore, not all phones or phone screen damage will be fixed by Verizon. However, if you have Verizon phone insurance, you’ll have unlimited phone screen repair for just $29 each.

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